Friday, 21 November 2014

Keeping Out the Homesickness

It's one thing going travelling for several weeks seeing different towns, cities and countries, it's a whole other thing moving to a different country to fulfil a temporary contract. I know I'm going for a short time, and I know that after a short break, I'll be coming home, but this trip will be the longest I've been away from home, and the longest I've been away from my dog- it'll be almost 2 months when I get back. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Introducing Finland

"Have you visited Finland before?" Everyone asks me, lately.

The answer is no. Nope, I'm going blind. I've never been to Finland before, and yet I've accepted a work contract there for five weeks... mad? Perhaps. Excited? Definitely. Since I haven't been, I sat down about a week before with my trusty Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget (the best travel guide I've ever bought) and read a bit about this country I'll be calling home for the next few weeks. 

Helsinki Night
Helsinki. Source

Monday, 17 November 2014

Whilst I'm in the Area...

The contract for my new job is just a temporary one, and ends shortly after Christmas. This means that come January I'll be unemployed. Being unemployed in January, and moping at home seems like a total waste of mine, and everyone involved's time. Therefore I've decided to do the obvious thing; whilst I'm in the area, I'll travel!

Helsinki Cathedral
Helsinki Cathedral. Source

Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Arctic Packing List

I feel like it wasn't five minutes ago I wrote a packing list for Iceland. I kind of thought this one would be similar but longer, but alas, it's not really, especially since I have a luggage allowance! It turns out that Lapland is really, really cold(!), and for that sort of cold you need better gear. My allowance is 18kgs, and I have a backpack that I'll be using as hand luggage, so here's what I'm taking:

Friday, 14 November 2014

Things I Am Looking Forward to in Lapland

I am kinda nervous about Lapland, partly because I am contractually obliged to be there. Partly because I'm leaving my beloved dog behind, tho' I know he will be well looked after and is even going on a mini holiday himself. That said, I am mostly excited, because Lapland. Excited because my flight finally came through on Tuesday- tho' from Manchester! Excited because for the first year since I was 17 I won't have to serve Christmas meals in a pub, and get fed up of turkey before the Big Day has already happened. It's gonna be great! There are tons of things I'm excited for, but here are the ones that I'm looking forward to the most:

Finland - Lapland 2014
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