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Blogs & Websites

Always looking for inspiration and places to go, one of the best ways to do this is of course through traveller’s you meet, but for me, since I am home more often than I am away, it is also really cool to read through blogs and use websites for inspiration so here is a list of blogs I read:
The Everywhereist Runaway Jane Bitten by the Travel Bug Twenty- Something Travel A Dangerous Business Olympic Wanderings Backpacker Becki Nomadic Matt
I also use company’s websites to check out trips I might want to do, and read their blogs, places like STA are great for inspiration and their blog is quite clear and concise with advice- also if you’re on twitter they do an #AskSTA section between 3 & 4 on a Friday where they will help you with anything they can. 
Whilst, I enjoy solo travel, I also enjoy so- called ‘freestyle’ travel, the type that Busabout offer, and their website is a great place for inspiration, to check out trips and festivals (because I think going to a festival is much better i…

Things I Travel With

My backpack, I’m still on my first. Now, I will start off by saying, I do love my backpack, it’s comfortable to wear & it’s red and small enough that it’s not a hassle. It came from Trespass, and I got it during a sale. It’s a red, top loading 33l standard backpack. Yes, you read that right, 33l. I have, so far, in my travels had no need for any more than that. I believe in washing things as I go, I am a big fan of hand wash and hostels that offer laundry service. As for it being top loading, that’s not been a problem since I discovered mesh packing bags, I put my dresses in one, tops in another & leave my denims out. My backpack also has several zip up pockets, where I keep pairs of shoes & my underwear so I’m not constantly pulling the whole lot out to get to that one item at the bottom, though of course it happens and I do curse myself for not doing more research on buying backpacks.

The only picture I have with my backpack on.