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Always looking for inspiration and places to go, one of the best ways to do this is of course through traveller’s you meet, but for me, since I am home more often than I am away, it is also really cool to read through blogs and use websites for inspiration so here is a list of blogs I read:

I also use company’s websites to check out trips I might want to do, and read their blogs, places like STA are great for inspiration and their blog is quite clear and concise with advice- also if you’re on twitter they do an #AskSTA section between 3 & 4 on a Friday where they will help you with anything they can. 

Whilst, I enjoy solo travel, I also enjoy so- called ‘freestyle’ travel, the type that Busabout offer, and their website is a great place for inspiration, to check out trips and festivals (because I think going to a festival is much better in a group than alone). Not only that, you can do their hop-on, hop-off routes around Europe. 

I also love Hostelworld, partly because I was recently one of the lucky people to get one of the #HostelworldTreats goody bags, and because their website not only offers booking facilities, but they have a blog, and they have city guides, which have cheap eats and recommendations for cheap things for us backpackers to do.

Another place for inspiration is twitter, you can follow me @cozmikfaerie where I follow and retweet information about deals, blogs, and images of beautiful places I want to go. As well as rants about my life in the Real World, away from travel and this blog!


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