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Arriving in Amsterdam

It turned out I knew someone who lived in amsterdam after all. An old friend who lived in Fuerteventura at the same time as me was from the city and now living back there. When I asked for her suggestions of what I should do there, she responded that she didn't really know- as is always the case, when you live somewhere you don't really appreciate it in the way a visitor does.

That First Trip; Amsterdam

I booked my trip to Amsterdam on a bit of a whim.

The Bucket List

Oh boy.
Sometimes I think it would be really good just to say, I want to do everything! Bucket lists are so hard to keep track of, but I like lists and there are definitely certain things I want to do, and certain things I have already done, that I like to check off. 
And, I’m sure I will add as much as I cross off the more I travel.