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Stuttgart, or Heading Home

Our last day was spent in Stuttgart, it's much less touristy city than Munich. the whole coach trip there, we were pretty subdued. Some of us were broken from Oktoberfest and others were just starting their trip. All in all, I think most people were pretty sad this part of their experience was over. The sky when we left Munich was beautiful and sunny, but by the time we got to Stuttgart it was grey and cloudy.

The Last Night

Every morning I woke up thinking I'd never had a night out that was so amazing as the last, and perhaps that's why I still think my last night in Munich was the best night out I've ever had.

It was just the small group of us that went to the castle during the day, so it was much easier to get tables than it was when you were trying to get tables for 50 people. We walked straight into the hippodrome, no queues no questions asked. Joel even turned around to raise his eyebrows at us as we walked through. Cheekily we slipped up through the VIP area, to see if anyone we knew was inside, but quickly got removed (not before nabbing a shot of the tent, though) and we ended up sitting in the beer garden being served by a beautiful German named Danial.

inside the hippodrome.

Schloss Neuschwanstein

As much fun as it is in the Oktoberfest grounds, a day trip was needed. So about 18 of us from our group went on the optional 'free' day trip to Neuschwanstein castle. The free part of the trip is the coach ride there, and the walk around the castle including to Marienbrücke where you can snap some awesome pictures of Neuschwanstein castle. To go on the castle tour is 12€.

Bavaria is the most lusciously green place I have been to in my life. The whole drive from Munich, which was about 2hrs long, I stared out of the window taking in the incredibly beautiful scenery. The houses are as incredible as the landscape. I couldn't get over how pretty it was. My pictures don't even come close enough to doing it justice, so I won't post them.

Our first stop when we got there was for an early lunch. Joel was showing us around Neuschwanstein and we all followed him around the touristy area looking for somewhere to eat. He sensibly had soup, but the rest of us were taken in by …

Oktoberfest Round Two

Having been in bed by 9,15 on the first night of Oktoberfest, I thought Sofie, Jen and I would make it down to reception by 7,15am to meet Bridey and Danny but, the early mornings caught up with us, and we didn't make it. Instead our room, and the room across the hall from us decided to leave together at about 10am. One of the girls had friends holding a table for us in the Augustiner tent, so after breakfast we walked together down to the grounds with them.

We all went inside the Augustiner tent, which was very very beautiful. and it wasn't like we were too hungover or anything since some of us had about 14hrs sleep that night. But the smell in that tent made me want to hurl. It smelt like rotting cabbage, and it wasn't long before we decided a table in the biergarten would be more suitable. Plus the sun was shining so why not?!

inside the augustiner tent

Oktoberfest Opening Day

On waking up at 6,45am to get ready for the opening day my first thought was, "My God I am never drinking Jaegermeister again". After we'd bought our dirndl's and lederhosen we'd gone into the hostel bar for a bit of a get to know each other drink, and we sure did get to know each other that night. Dancing to songs that were to be played during Oktoberfest for the rest of the weekend, and generally drinking too many of the shots being brought around.

But 6,45am when we'd had to be at the airport at 6am the day before really does take it out of you. And to add to the incredibly early morning, the good news was it was raining out! Sofie and I got into our dirndl's and Sofie helped me do the ribbon up on the front of my dress and also braided my hair. Joel had already forewarned us about the aprons, the side which you do your bow up means, from left then centre, then to the right you are single, a virgin or taken. I wanted to tie mine in the middle for a la…


This time two weeks ago, I was working my bum off, counting the days down until I left for my next vacation, which I couldn't wait for. But at the same time, man was I nervous! My next vacation involved getting on a plane and then a bus with 50 people who were a different nationality than myself, luckily they were Australian and all speak English, but still I didn't know a single one of them. And I was spending five days with them.

This time last week, I was wrapped in a massive hug with Joel, someone I had recently met and come to love pretty quickly. And the reason I was hugging him so tightly was because my trip was coming to an end, and I was going to miss not just him but all my new friends.

Last week I went to oktoberfest. and it was the best thing I have ever done with my life.

People have called me brave for going it alone, and when I first sat at Stansted airport on my own waiting for someone in a Busabout t-shirt to appear, I certainly felt scared and alone. Once we…

Can you do Gaudi in a Day?

Barcelona's most famous architect Antoni Gaudí has left his beautiful mark all across the city. With La Sagrada Familia still unfinished, and Casa Batlló, La Pedrera (Casa Mila), and Parc Guell to visit there are plenty of beautiful places to go and see his stunning works.

So can you see all those places in a day? According to LateRooms, no, but let's see.

I left the hostel early, with my first stop being La Sagrada Familia. It was a beautiful sunny day, even though it was December and I managed to wear flip flops (and even got a little bit of sunburn). When I got to La Sagrada, there was already a huge queue outside, and the wait to go up the passion towers was already 2 hours, though I decided to go in and go up the towers. For me, I could've saved time and money and not gone inside. I think perhaps, when the church is finished entirely then maybe it will be worth it, but I feel I wasted hours by waiting to go up the tower. Time I could have used elsewhere.


One of my favourite things about Spain is that I can always get around, because I can read the signs (having lived in the Canary Islands, I can speak some Spanish). Tho' on my trip to Barcelona, that wasn't always true because, of course, they speak Catalan. That said, I managed to get all my connections from the airport to the city without problem. I just couldn't work out where my hostel was from the metro station.

I arrived at around 2pm, so had the afternoon to myself anyway, and after walking around in circles for a good 45 minutes, finally checked into my hostel, and decided to go for a walk to the beach. Of course, I took the wrong turn and ended up near Poble Sec before turning around to the beach. It was the tail end of November, so it was of course quiet and most of the restaurants were closed for the season. It still looked so beautiful.

Amsterdam Walking Tour

When I was in Amsterdam, I went on a free walking tour, our guide, Mark, was brilliant his knowledge of the city and the fact that he loves Amsterdam so much really came through when he talked to us; it made me want to do his job. Here are some of my favourite bits:

Plans and Dreams for 2014

When I started blogging here a couple of months ago, I had every intention that I'd have the conviction to write on a regular basis. So far that hasn't happened, NaNoWriMo got in the way, then work over Christmas was insane, and finally when the holidays approached I was having too much of a good time to come online and blog. However, it's a new year so I am back! Hoping to get somewhere with it this time. Especially since I have so many stories to tell, of the amazing trips I took in 2013, but before I look back over that, here's some plans and idea's for 2014.

Pafos Cyprus November 2013