Can you do Gaudi in a Day?

Barcelona's most famous architect Antoni Gaudí has left his beautiful mark all across the city. With La Sagrada Familia still unfinished, and Casa Batlló, La Pedrera (Casa Mila), and Parc Guell to visit there are plenty of beautiful places to go and see his stunning works.

So can you see all those places in a day? According to LateRooms, no, but let's see.

I left the hostel early, with my first stop being La Sagrada Familia. It was a beautiful sunny day, even though it was December and I managed to wear flip flops (and even got a little bit of sunburn). When I got to La Sagrada, there was already a huge queue outside, and the wait to go up the passion towers was already 2 hours, though I decided to go in and go up the towers. For me, I could've saved time and money and not gone inside. I think perhaps, when the church is finished entirely then maybe it will be worth it, but I feel I wasted hours by waiting to go up the tower. Time I could have used elsewhere.


La Sagrada Familia has taken over 100 years so far to construct, and is not yet complete. When finished there will be 18 towers, 12 for the disciples, 4 for the evangelists, one for Mary and one for Jesus. The front facade, and perhaps the one most people view associate with La Sagrada, is the Nativity Facade, and at the back of the building is the Passion Facade. 

From La Sagrada, I went up to Parc Guell on my self motivated tour, via Hospital San Pau. 


From La Sagrada, it is quite a walk to the bus stop that takes you to Parc Guell, and you basically walk all up the road from La Sagrada to Hospital San Pau and then turn left. There is a great café on the road of the bus stop, too, if you've got time between buses to grab some lunch. I got a bocata and a coffee for just over 2€.




I loved the park and can imagine it being so much busier in the summer. It was warm and sunny, there were lovely (though massively over priced) cafe's in there. And there were bands playing music, and people selling things (though they're not supposed to be there and there are signs every where telling you not to buy things from them). It was beautiful and lovely. A rumour was circulating whilst I was in Barcelona that the plan was to start charging an admission fee to the park, I think this would be a terrible idea, as I think people would probably not pay it.

My next stop was Passeig de Gracia where both Casa Battló and La Pedrera stand, tho at different ends of the street. I decided to go to Casa Batlló, I'd passed by on a night out the night before and it looked so beautiful there was no way I was missing it.

Casa Batlló was a house remodelled by Gaudí, he ordered the front exterior walls be remodelled so they were wavy and filled the front with glass that would reflect the light better through the apartments. The roof is supposed to look like a dragon, given an animal's shape and covered in scales. The balcony's at the front are made from wrought iron, and made to look like masks. You can read more about the building here.





Casa Batlló was easily the busiest attraction I went to in Barcelona. There were people everywhere, and getting good photo's was impossible nearly all of the time. It was also my favourite. You really have to go there because I could write a book about the architecture there. It is, also, expensive to get in over 20€ (unless you hold a student card), but honestly it is worth it. 

I didn't make it to La Pedrera, so I should sort of concede that LateRooms were right, you can't do Gaudi in a day. BUT, if you don't want want to go into Yet Another Church, then you could save yourself some time and use that to visit La Pedrera as well. Also, if I'd visited in the summer, I could've viewed La Pedrera by night time, and still gone inside La Sagrada. Mostly, my opinion is I'd have gone to La Pedrera over going inside La Sagrada, but at the same time, it is really nice to say I've been inside La Sagrada. 

I plan on visiting La Pedrera this summer when I have an afternoon in Barcelona, so I haven't missed out entirely.  

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  1. the architecture of Barcelona has always intrigued me - I hope I get to see it one day!

    1. Ooh my first comment.
      It's amazing :) have you been to Europe at all? :)

  2. I went back to Barcelona last summer, and totally loved it :-) Couldn't believe how much the entrance fees into all the Gaudi attractions had increased though! Charging people to get into Park Guell is such a bad move in my opinion, but unfortunately there are tourists who will still pay to go; they're just making it more and more difficult for backpackers and those on a budget.

    1. Yeah I agree, I don't know whether they'll do it, or if they already have started? I didn't mind paying 20€ to get into Casa Batlló- the audio guide is included in the price, and I wouldn't pay for if it wasn't. Have you been to La Pedrera? I'm looking forward to going there :) if I had more time I'd go up Mount Tibidabo (I'd even be tempted to pay the fee to use the funicular to get there :) ) have you done that?

  3. You can do them all in one day during the summer since they close at about 20:00-21:00 :D


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