Oktoberfest Round Two

Having been in bed by 9,15 on the first night of Oktoberfest, I thought Sofie, Jen and I would make it down to reception by 7,15am to meet Bridey and Danny but, the early mornings caught up with us, and we didn't make it. Instead our room, and the room across the hall from us decided to leave together at about 10am. One of the girls had friends holding a table for us in the Augustiner tent, so after breakfast we walked together down to the grounds with them.

We all went inside the Augustiner tent, which was very very beautiful. and it wasn't like we were too hungover or anything since some of us had about 14hrs sleep that night. But the smell in that tent made me want to hurl. It smelt like rotting cabbage, and it wasn't long before we decided a table in the biergarten would be more suitable. Plus the sun was shining so why not?!

inside the augustiner tent

We didn't stay very long, and ended up splitting up and going our own separate ways fairly soon, as trying to sit 14 people was a bit of nightmare, so myself, the other Sam, Jackie and the boys decided we'd try to go to the Hofbrau tent. After all we'd enjoyed the beer in the Hofbrauhaus a couple of days before, and Andy had some friends in there so we knew we'd get drinks easily enough!

The Hofbrau tent is not somewhere you go sober. The busabouters in there had obviously been there since open and under the table were smashed steins already, some of the guys were bleeding where the glass had caught them on the way down. There was also a pile of sawdust under the table which indicated that someone had already thrown up! That said, everyone seemed to be having a good time, the boys there were daring each other to skull stein's through hats, and it looked like they were having a lot of fun and they sure weren't harming anyone else. One of my favourite things in that tent was the girls skulling their steins, there were a lot of them and I would never be able to do that! My main issue at ground level was that one of the smashed steins was going to accidentally end up in the back of my head!

inside the hofbrau tent

pouring a stein through a hat into someone's mouth

some girl skulling her stein

Sam and I decided we'd move on from this tent fairly quickly, turned out she had some friends in Lowenbrau so we decided to go there instead. Problem was when we got there the queue was insane, which we hadn't anticipated as the German's don't use Lowenbrau at all, unless the other tents were full. It was known for being a tourist tent. We'd been queueing for about 5 minutes when a German strapped two dark green bands around our wrists and pointed at a side door, where we got let in immediately.

Andy had also managed to get into the tent, and Sam left me with him whilst she disappeared to find her friends. We had a few drinks inside, but Andy wanted to go and meet a friend in the beer garden so we helped him find the group and ended up sitting in beautiful sunshine!

the packed beer garden at lowenbrau

monica and i in lowenbrau beer garden

After a few more stein's than I planned on having, and chatting in the sunshine to my new friends for a couple of hours we decided to brave the Hofbrau house again! I was a bit scared of going back in there, but told myself it would be fine. I was with a group of girls and we'd find somewhere to have fun, and man did we have a great night partying in the hofbrau house

monica and age dancing and singing to something i can't remember!

you can tell we've had one or two here, no?

and finding my lovely friend jen in the same tent!

and bridey too!

Every night was better than the one before, and it was late by the time I took these photos. We managed to get back to the hostel around 11pm that night, as the tents stop serving around 10,30pm. It doesn't seem that late until you're there, and you've been there since opening, then you realise why it closes when it does!

The night ended eating pizza in the courtyard....

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