This time two weeks ago, I was working my bum off, counting the days down until I left for my next vacation, which I couldn't wait for. But at the same time, man was I nervous! My next vacation involved getting on a plane and then a bus with 50 people who were a different nationality than myself, luckily they were Australian and all speak English, but still I didn't know a single one of them. And I was spending five days with them.

This time last week, I was wrapped in a massive hug with Joel, someone I had recently met and come to love pretty quickly. And the reason I was hugging him so tightly was because my trip was coming to an end, and I was going to miss not just him but all my new friends.

Last week I went to oktoberfest. and it was the best thing I have ever done with my life.

People have called me brave for going it alone, and when I first sat at Stansted airport on my own waiting for someone in a Busabout t-shirt to appear, I certainly felt scared and alone. Once we arrived in Stuttgart I realised that I wasn't alone, at all, there were already 6 or 7 people around me who like me were interested in travel, and though I'm a bit of a newbie still, we all got on. And we were all looking to have a good time this weekend. It wasn't hard to make friends, and the friends I've made are friends for life.

That first evening was actually the day before the Oktoberfest opening day, so we went to the Hofbrau house for dinner, via the city centre for a bit of an orientation tour. It was the last time I went into the centre of Munich, and I have to tell you, it was crazy busy that day. Joel was very good at keeping us all together, and stopping every few hundred yards for everyone to catch up as we pushed our way through the crowds, particularly getting from one side of Marienplatz to the other.

Marienplatz around 7,30pm, look how beautiful the sky was, the weather was incredible whilst we were in Munich

the Hofbrauhaus

I know its touristy, but the Hofbrau house was definitely a great start to our trip. I sat opposite my new friend Jen who I had attached myself to on the bus and it turned out we were sharing a dorm too. We had our first steins, or maß as they call the glass ones, and I had pork knuckle for dinner which was the best thing I have ever eaten. 

Jen with her first, of many, maß of the trip!

 me with my first maß of the trip

 my pork knuckle... i wish i could eat it here. every. day.

I booked my Oktoberfest trip through busabout, we stayed at Wombats hostel in Munich and flew with germanwings (lufthansa) to Stuttgart.

Look out for the opening day post tomorrow!

*written October 2012*

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  1. Oktoberfest in Germany is definitely on my list of to do's. I always say "it's my favorite time of year".

    1. It is so good :)
      Have you been to Europe yet? X


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