Stuttgart, or Heading Home

Our last day was spent in Stuttgart, it's much less touristy city than Munich. the whole coach trip there, we were pretty subdued. Some of us were broken from Oktoberfest and others were just starting their trip. All in all, I think most people were pretty sad this part of their experience was over. The sky when we left Munich was beautiful and sunny, but by the time we got to Stuttgart it was grey and cloudy.

Our plan for Stuttgart involved grabbing some lunch and just having a bit of free time. Joel had decided he wanted to check out a beer garden a friend had mentioned to him, and we all pretty much followed him since most of us were exhausted from the weekend. At lunch I sat with Jen, Andy and Joel. Everyone was pretty quiet, and sat in their new friendship groups for the last time.

Joel asked us about our favourite tents in Oktoberfest. Andy talked about how crazy the Hofbrau tent was the first time we went in there. He also said he didn't care how touristy it sounded, he'd really enjoyed the Lowenbrau on both the first and second day. Jen had bravely spent most of the third day in the Hofbrau tent and had a really good time, too.

I don't have a favourite tent. For me, the whole weekend was about experiences. My favourite moments definitely include running through the Oktoberfest grounds on the last night to a new tent after sort- of- voluntarily- leaving the hippodrome. Andy singing 'Hey Baby' on the first day and the whole of our tent joining in. The incredible feeling of happiness that runs through your veins when the first stein lands in front of you. The best part of the trip was meeting new people, all of whom were amazing. You spend so much time together in such close quarters that you get to be close with people really quickly, and lifelong friendships are made.

* * *

I booked my trip through busabout and did the 5 day fly trip. It is a lot of money, but I really think it is worth it, particularly as when I tried to book a trip on my own it came out more expensive. My only real irk of the trip was how long it took busabout to get the e-mail out with our flight details on (we received it 8 days before we flew). That said, once we arrived everything was wonderful. I will definitely be using busabout in the future. We stayed in 6 bed en-suite mixed dorms (you can upgrade through busabout before you get there) at wombats, which has a great reputation, and gave me no reason to complain at all. Plus you can have cake for breakfast!

As a final note, another massive thank you to busabout for organising this trip and getting solo traveller's like myself doing amazing things like this. I had the best time, and really can't express how amazing I thought this trip was.

 Joel and I on the opening day of Oktoberfest

and to Joel, thanks again for everything- you are amazing! You're a fabulous guide, and a great guy, you looked after all of us at one point or another and did it with a smile. I am forever grateful for the lend of your coat when it utterly pissed it down in Stuttgart on the last day. Love your work and miss you loads. I'm holding you to a catch up when you get to London. XX

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