The Last Night

Every morning I woke up thinking I'd never had a night out that was so amazing as the last, and perhaps that's why I still think my last night in Munich was the best night out I've ever had.

It was just the small group of us that went to the castle during the day, so it was much easier to get tables than it was when you were trying to get tables for 50 people. We walked straight into the hippodrome, no queues no questions asked. Joel even turned around to raise his eyebrows at us as we walked through. Cheekily we slipped up through the VIP area, to see if anyone we knew was inside, but quickly got removed (not before nabbing a shot of the tent, though) and we ended up sitting in the beer garden being served by a beautiful German named Danial.

inside the hippodrome.

Soon we were dancing, like in every other tent, on the benches and singing songs we'd learnt over the past few days. We'd managed to talk Joel into having drinks with us, and not just being there to look out for us. And he's a little crazy, in a good way, so we had a lot of fun with him. We were up on the tables taking pictures of everyone and having a great time the first time security came around, they told us that standing on tables was not allowed in the hippodrome.

the beautiful rachel stood on a table in the hippodrome with her stein

We laughed it off, waited for them to move on and got back up and started singing and dancing all over again. And then we got given the option of staying and sitting or leaving and dancing elsewhere. Unsurprisingly we chose the latter downed the remains of our drinks and ran out of the hippodrome, all of us ran through the Oktoberfest grounds skipping and hopping like a cassowary laughing our heads off.

Firstly we tried to get inside Paulaner, and unfortunately lost a few people, as we tried to find tables to fit 15 or so people. We gave up and ended up sat out in the Paulaner beer garden. I spent some time chatting with Joel and later he bought Hannah over to meet us telling her we were the best group he'd had, and we told her he was the best guide they had. Perhaps an element of drunkness in there, but he is ridiculously awesome and I miss him loads.

joel and hannah

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