Laid Back Life in Andalucia.

It's hot in Seville, really hot. All the time, it seemed.

The following morning, Kathy, Joyce, Claire (someone we met on the tapas tour) and I had decided we'd do the morning walking tour, and hire bikes in the afternoon. Life in Seville, however is really laid back and Joyce woke late. It was Claire's last day, so she went off straight from breakfast to do the walking tour whilst Joyce, Kathy & I decided we'd go the following day and hire bikes later in the afternoon.

However, as girls do, Kathy, Joyce and I got distracted by the idea of going shopping. I'm not a girly girl at all, but it was such a great trip. We went to Mango, Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, EVERYWHERE! We talked Kathy into buying travel pants, and all of us bought loads of things for ourselves, I bought new tops and Joyce new dresses.

We decided we'd aim to get back to the hostel to hire backs at around 2pm, but our little trip into Seville lasted longer than we expected and we didn't get around to hiring bikes. Instead we cooked some dinner, and got ready for the pub crawl.

Pancho's pub crawl was AMAZING. We left the hostel at 11pm, and went to God only knows how many bars. I remember very little except having a laugh at the expense of some guys, and dancing. There was lots of dancing, until around 7am. Yep, you read that, right, we got in a taxi back to the hostel at 6,55am.

Some of the yummy cocktails we started the evening with.

This was one of the last picture taken on this camera, ever, drunk as I was, I handed it around for people to take photo's with and someone dropped it. It smashed and was beyond repair, but the memory card was still in tact, so I wasn't too upset. I was having too good a night to be worried about a camera!

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