Pancho Tours, Seville

The hostel I stayed in was linked up with a tour company in Seville, called Pancho Tours. Pancho offered two different (one evening and one morning) free walking tours, a pub crawl, and a tapas tour. All of which my friends I did!

On the first evening I disappeared off to do the free evening walking tour and had a very excitable guy called Edy walk us around the out skirts of the city. He was very proud to be Sevillian, and loved the city. We met people from other hostels at La Giralda early in the evening, though the heat didn't seem to be disappearing. Some highlights from the evening walking tour are below.

Eddy is in the red t-shirt.

On a street called Life.

La Giralda

Calle de la Muerte, so called because as a revolt happened in Seville involving the Jewish people who ran down this tiny street were trapped and crushed and died. 


The bedroom of Susona, the girl who betrayed her father. Her father was involved in a plot to overthrow the state as they were Jews and being oppressed. However, Susona was in love with a Christian and told him all about the plans her father had made. Her boyfriend had the group summoned by the Inquisition and they were killed. Susona was overcome with remorse and grief for her father, and spent the rest of her days in a convent. She requested that, when she died her head would be put up below her bedroom to remind the city of her betrayal. Of course the skull eventually decomposed, and was originally replaced by an oil lamp, but these days there is a tile with a skull and her name below it. 

Roman Columns, the oldest part of Seville.

After a looong walking tour, though enjoyable, I was starving and dying to get back to my friends and the tapas tour. We were running so late that Edy had to drop us to the first place for the Tapas tour. 

Pancho's tapas tour takes you to six different places. They charge you all of 18€ and that includes a drink in each place. There were a fair few of us, and most of the food was good, there was a couple of bits that weren't great. Then what more can you expect for 18€ and six different establishments? Overall I'd recommend the tour, it was definitely value for money. 

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