Plaza de España with a Hangover.

We got back to the hostel little after 7am and what Kathy and I didn't realise was, everyone was checking out of my room that day. We laid there staring at each other for a good 20 minutes before deciding to get up, have a shower and go for a walk.

Somewhere in the haze of a hangover, I decided I wanted to go somewhere I had yet to go, Plaza de España. It was hot. Really hot. We were both hungover and tired, and fuelled ourselves with iced vanilla frappuccino's with extra shot's in it. Kathy checked our route on her map, and off we set for Plaza de España.

There is 100% absolutely no shade on the way to Plaza de España, either. We were melting. Sweating out the immense quantities of alcohol from the night before, crossing roads every time we noticed a bit of shade on the other side. Constantly putting more sun lotion on, and as you can see Kathy is a pale girl, so being out in that heat was insane.

When we eventually got there, I couldn't believe the immensity of the place, even walking to the fountain was crazy.

We wanted to dive into that fountain so badly!

Obilgatory tourist shot in front of Plaza de España.

The plaza was Seville's gift to Spain, Kathy explained to me. The semi circular structure is to represent a hug, or an embrace of the rest of Spain. All around the structure are benches with the different province's of Spain and these were to be used for trading, as Seville was the main port at the time. Having lived down in Fuerteventura, I absolutely had to find Canarias and get a photo of me sat there.

Shortly after Kathy and I found the shadiest path back to the hostel, and spent the afternoon drinking water and laid by the pool for the rest of the day, properly recovering from our hangover.

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