Sedlec Ossuary, aka The Creepy Bone Church

The first stop on our trip through Eastern Europe was at the Sedlec Ossuary, in Kutna Hora. The church is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The cemetry became famous in the 13th century when the abbot who had been sent to the Holy Land came back with a handful of dirt which he spread across the grounds. With literal Holy Land there, the cemetry became a popular burial site throughout Central Europe.

Adding to it's popularity, the Black Death came along, and soon there were thousands of people buried in the cemetery. The only thing to do was dig them up and make a mass grave for them. Around 1400 a church was built with a vaulted upper level and lower level to be used for the mass graves of bodies dug up to make way for the church. After a half-blind monk dug up the remains, the job of sorting them was given to Frantisek Rint, a woodcarver, who stacked the bones up and made the chandelier and coat of arms the church is visited for today.






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