Seville, or Not Being Able to Find my Hostel.... Again.

Seville was the last leg on my trip around Spain, and a mere 3hr bus ride from Granada. Ah, Granada with it's cooling Mountain breezes, I missed you immediately. It had been around 27C in Granada when I left that afternoon, warm and breezy.

I stepped off the bus in Seville, and the heat hit me immediately. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think! 

Kathy, Joyce and I (yes, that is two Sangria's each, it was Happy Hour!).

I stood at the front of the bus station and read my directions to the hostel again. I crossed the road and turned right, which took me onto a bridge. There was no bridge in the instructions, so I walked back to the bus station and stood inside the terminal again reading my directions. A woman came up to me and asked if I was ok, and in Spanish gave me directions which contradicted the one's I had in front of me, so I went back out and crossed the road again. This happened several times over 45 minutes. Eventually a shop owner came out and looked at my directions and pointed me in the direction of the commercial centre.

Eventually, nearly an hour after I got off the bus, I found my hostel. It was no more than ten minutes from the bus station. Once checked in, I stood under a cool shower, the thermometer at the desk in reception read 43C. I was still rather frustrated with myself, and tried talking to people to make friends. Nope. My room was full of Erasmus waiting to find flats before their semester's started and they had no interest in making friends with tourists. I decided to check out the hostel's roof top pool, and after several attempts at making friends- everyone seemed to be keeping themselves to themselves- two girls came along. One from the Netherlands, and one from Germany. We chatted for a couple of hours, and made plans for the evening before I disappeared off on the early evening walking tour.

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