Sharing the Love: A Give Away

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I was 11 when I fell in love, so young and so innocent, but I couldn't help it. The warm fuzzy feeling inside, a feeling that everything was falling into place just the way it should, it crept over me before I knew it. I was smitten by those beautiful bright blues, and golden hues. I fell in love with the language and the way we spoke. I loved the laid back feeling, and the different culture I learnt as I got to know it. It's complicated, though, because I am away from it so much.

 Me at La Pared in Fuerteventura

Yes, it, it's not a person it's a place and that place is of course Spain!

Six summers were spent running back into its arms. Finding that spot where I could sit on the sand dunes and watch those crystal clear waves crashing against the pure white Saharan sands. I spent years finding my favourite spots, places I still return to as an adult that haven't lost their magic. I watched as the place grew, and changed the new fusing with the old making this place attractive to more people than just me. Eventually as those years wore on, I made the island my home.

I was just seventeen when I moved to the beautiful island of Fuerteventura, down in the Canary Islands. The clear turquoise seas in the north of the island with the pure white Saharan sand is the most beautiful place to relax and kick back. It wasn't my favourite though, that was the, then hidden, beach on the west side of the island La Pared (pictured above). The turquoise waves crashing on the white sand, and knowing that as you look to the dark blue ocean ahead the next stop is America is awe-inspiring.

When I lived in Fuerteventura, I loved visiting Gran Canaria, just a half hour flight for a weekend away & we got to visit the beautiful Puerto Mogan and party in Puerto Rico with the wonderful friends I made there. Now I try to visit somewhere new in Spain as much as I can, this summer I did a trip around the mainland taking in new cities and falling in love with new parts of the same country all over again.

Me at the beach in Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria

Parc Guell, Barcelona

Valencia Cathedral, Valencia

La Alhambra, Granada

Plaza de España, Seville.

Spain will always have a place in my heart, even though I don't live there anymore. I always feel like I'm going home when I go to Spain, and I will always be in love with it. Whether I'm visiting the island I once called home or discovering new places to take up more room in my heart, it feels like I'm spending my time getting to know a true love better. wants to make sure your Valentine's Day is special. Head to their Valentine's Day Deals page to enter their Valentine's Day giveaway by February 14th. 

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  1. Great post. I enjoyed my trip to Spain as well. However, since it is a long trip, I won't be getting back anytime soon. My favorite city I visited was Granada because it was less modern and more traditional.

    1. I love Granada, too! Had the best time there- I've more posts about Spain coming up soon :)

  2. I enjoyed my time in Barcelona--can't wait to go back to Spain one day. Great post Sammi :)

    1. I did a trip around Spain, which I'll be writing about over the next week, it's so easy to get around on the buses there (and you get free WiFi and if the journey is long enough a snack pack)! I loved Barcelona, but my favourite is definitely Granada

  3. I Love Spain too, the architecture, the food, the people, and the amazing scenery if you get off the beaten track. I've probably written about Spain more than any other country on my blog!

    1. I haven't really gotten off the beaten track (apart from living in the Canary Islands). Tho' Granada seems toget overlooked quite a lot, and it's my favourite place. I could live there, like I am genuinely considering it.

  4. I love your take on your sharing of love for a city instead of a person!


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