Valencia in Pictures

I'd no plans for Valencia, as I was on a tour with Fanatics, I was under the impression that perhaps they would organise things for us to do, but as it turns out, I was wrong. The included walking tour was our guide showing us to the bus stop ready for the following day at La Tomatina, and then "Going to the pub". Tho' apart from being slightly disappointing, it meant my friends and I could wonder around the city and see bits and pieces. With the help of Anna's map, we found our way around the city.

For a start we decided to start our day with churro's


And take pictures of interesting looking buildings and architecture





We played on gym equipment in the park

We passed by the arts and science museums




We found a Bull Ring




We posed by a statue


And we found savoury ice cream flavours including salmon, tomato and tortilla.

All in all, Valencia was a pretty cool city.

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  1. You got some pretty nice shots of the buildings while visiting!

    1. Ha, yeah thanks. :) I did try to for sure. Tho' it was a grey cloudy day in Valencia the light wasn't great.


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