Being British: Camden

On a lovely summery day last year I decided to finally visit Camden. I've been to London hundreds of times and mostly have stuck to central and thought it was time I ventured up the Northern Line to Camden.

image via buzzfeed




What can I tell you about Camden from my one visit? I loved it, I felt at home and comfortable there. Anywhere with love locks is a good place in my opinion. Camden markets are a great place to pick up a bargain, my bird dress (which I'm wearing in my profile picture in the corner at the top there) was super cheap, I bartered down to less than a tenner (and now Apricot are making an incredibly similar version for £25 this season). The world food area, pictured above with the Cupcakes and Shhht stall, is awesome. I had kielbasa and dutch pancakes for less than a tenner. Will I go back, absolutely!

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