Beth and Sammi Walk to Paphos Habour

After devouring a couple of books (I took the Hunger Games with me & read the whole lot in a week) whilst lying on a sun lounger drinking cocktails all day, Beth and I decided it was high time we did something. So we walked to Paphos Harbour.

All the way from our hotel, right to the harbour was a footpath, so we took a leisurely stroll all the way into town. Feeling slightly hungover, from all those cocktails, we decided we'd get some fruit juice in a bar and some crepes and take advantage of some free WiFi.

You see that tiiiiiny bit of the land in the distance, that's where we went!

It doesn't matter where you go, there's always a bit of England


Our juice's became frozen strawberry daiquiri's and the crepe's were amazing and huge, and the best I've ever eaten. It was worth the walk for sure.

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