Krakow, Poland

Poland gets a bad wrap in the UK, we've a lot of Polish immigrants and with the economic state of the country they aren't always exactly welcomed with open arms. I'm not here to get into a political debate, just simply pointing out that the media gives the Polish a bad wrap. So I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I got to Poland.

Krakow was beautiful.

Our first night, getting over the day's trip to Auschwitz, was food followed by a pub crawl. Fill our stomach's and drown our sorrows. Such a great combination!

This was the night I discovered my love for Polish vodka (I still have a bottle of Żubrówka Bison Grass kicking around here somewhere), making drinks with apple juice, cinnamon and vodka that taste like apple pie. Also discovering Pierogy, which is a dumpling filled like ravioli, and is half way between a Dim Sum and Ravioli but quite large.

The following day we did a bike tour, I hadn't ridden a bike for ages and I was hungover... Oh! And I'm 4ft nothing so finding a bike I can actually touch the ground on is always interesting! The tour took us out of the city centre, as far as the Jewish district as well as past Schindler's factory

Don't we all look awake and happy to be there!

The view across the river

The Jewish Quarter

A memorial to the Jewish people of Krakow, each chair represents 10,000 people.

Outside Schindler's Factory

In the afternoon we had the option to go to the Wieliczka Salt Mine's, the trip was fascinating and we learnt about how people earnt a lot of money from the mine's, when salt was as valuable (if not more so than) gold. In order to take pictures you had to pay, which I didn't do so I don't have any picture's, I'm afraid. The most fascinating part of the mines was Cathedral, in which people have gotten married (it is seriously beautiful down there. There is a sculpture of the Pope John Paul II, he was originally from Poland, as well as a carving made to look like the Last Supper. There is also a chandelier made entirely from Salt down there.

The best meal I had all trip, Pork with mushroom sauce and delicious rosemary potatoes.


Krakow town square at night time. 

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  1. Cracking in Poland for your birthday.

    Happy Birthday for today chick I hope you have a blast.

    1. Thanks, I had a great birthday. I was actually in Krakow in July, tho', I am just very slow at catching up. Hopefully I shall write about my birthday soon!


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