On Not Getting to Rome, or Italy.

In January 2012 I had a trip booked to go to Rome, Italy. I was so very excited, some of my favourite things come from Italy- pizza, pasta, Peroni! I was just going for the weekend, staying at The Yellow. And was looking forward to visiting attractions like The Colloseum, the Pantheon, The Forum, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps. 

Rome Colosseum, Forum, Palatine Hill

As a teenager, I worked in an Italy restaurant, whilst living in Fuerteventura. It wasn't one of those faux- Italian restaurant's either. My boss and his wife were from Italy, and working with them, I understood Italian quicker than I understood Spanish, though never got as far as being able to speak Italian (tho' I can read a little- mostly food related). I was fascinated with Italy, and the food and the wine, ever since I worked for them.


The trip was costing me almost nothing, with my train fare to the airport, flights and accommodation, I was spending £85! Nothing really, I had managed to wangle a good price with the hostel I was staying in because it was low season, right after Christmas, and one of the reasons I wanted to go then was because in January I might have half a chance of seeing everything without queuing for hours on end.

Then it happened. That one thing that manages to bring the entire country to a stand still. Something so natural, that happens in so many other places- where there is much more of it and they cope much better than we do. It snowed. As an owner of a scooter, I already detest snow. It is nigh on impossible to ride around on two wheels in snow or on ice. Trust me, I spent most of January face- planting various pieces of tarmac this year. Yet, the thing I hate most is the fact that for some reason when we have barely a covering of snow- the whole country grounds to a halt. 

Which is precisely what happened that day. First my train got cancelled because of the snow, then, several hours later (hitting on the time I should have been arriving at the airport) my flight got cancelled. The lovely people at The Yellow didn't charge me for my misfortune, and I spent a weekend off work in my local pub wishing I was in Italy...

If nothing else, I learnt that travel insurance is absolutely essential, and I did have it. I was also very lucky that First Great Western refunded my unused ticket. I was slightly worried when my flight was cancelled that I'd lose my money, as I'd booked with Easyjet, but I can't commend them enough. As soon as my flight was cancelled, they gave me the option of rebooking or a refund, and then refunded my return leg as well. The money landed in my account within 10 days (though I think it can take up to 2 'work' weeks). 

So, as it stands, I haven't got to Italy, and whilst I really want to I'm not sure it is going to happen this year. My scooter conked out on me last month and needing over £500 worth of repairs, I'm not sure my funds stretch to an Italian adventure this year, on top of the other trips I've already got booked.  

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  1. Oh what a shame! When we lived in Canada, it always made us laugh to read the BBC when an inch of snow had fallen, it was as if the world was ending. Last week, 42cm of snow fell in our old little town in Canada, and by the next morning the roads and sidewalks were plowed. Certainly Denmark could learn from that! Anyway, hope you get to Italy eventually!

    1. Right?! It's insane and embarrassing. The whole country just shuts down. Everything! I, too, hope to get to Italy someday.

  2. snow is always such a bummer! I hope you make it to Italy soon - it is high on my list of places to visit.

    1. Me too! I really want to go... Maybe at the end of the year if money is good I'll manage it.


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