When Blog Camp Went to Berlin

Going back sometime, when I had a different blog, Blog Camp went to Berlin. We stayed for 3 nights just on the East Side of the Wall, it was before I was really into travel and it was more to go and meet some bloggers I thought were really cool. There hasn't been a Blog Camp in ages, but these days some of us are studying a free course at MIT (whilst some of us, are just reading, that'll be me, sorry, I'm rubbish at sticking to schedules). Berlin was my first taste of Germany, so I just thought I'd share some pictures from that trip.

Photo credit Julie Broberg

When visiting Berlin make sure to terrify your American friends by announcing you've never had a Starbucks before!

Parts of the wall that had been fenced off left to become overgrown. 

Reichstag on a cloudy September day.

It is less than 2 months until I will be visiting Berlin again, to visit my friends, Kathy & Joyce. I really hope we get a chance to do a bit of sightseeing, I'd really like to go to Checkpoint Charlie & see a bit more of The Wall

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  1. Okay, while I'm not a huge fan of starbucks (there is usually a much better local place just around the corner), I am quite impressed that you managed to avoid it as long as you did. Well done.

    1. I think I have only been a handful of times since, too! We've got a nice independent coffee shop in town which I much prefer to the chain coffee houses.


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