Zakopane, Poland

When I told people I was visiting Zakopane in Poland, just one person had heard of the mountain town. Off the beaten track it was, but beautiful indeed. We were there just for a day when we could hike up the mountains, there was a long route or a short route, or slouch around the town. Our guide told us we must eat desserts whilst we were wandering around that day.

We decided to take the easy route up one of the mountains. There was a funicular up the side, and we decided that since we were fit and healthy *coughs* we'd walk up! It wouldn't be that difficult!

Still feeling good, not even a third of the way up the hill.



It was a seriously beautiful view, and definitely worth going up for... but I was dying! Honestly, I couldn't breathe and needed to sit down, my legs were like jelly by the time we got to the top. It took 45 minutes to walk up and I wanted to die. Edwina, stood next to me in the above picture, suffered as much wearing a dress and flip flops.

I sure was glad to get to the bottom to eat this!

We all met up for dinner in the evening where we went to this cute little restaurant in a traditional log cabin. There was a traditional band playing, and there were seating areas upstairs and down. We were lucky to have the band downstairs to begin with. I was so excited as soon as I saw my favourite thing on the menu: pork knuckle! I had to have it, and yes, that is a side of fried potatoes with bacon, but I climbed a mountain that day, I deserved it!

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  1. I've been and loved it! We only spent a day there too but it was enough time to wander around the beautiful cemetery, admire the thoughtfully-constructed wooden houses, catch the funicular up the mountain, and stop for some hot soup in a traditional log cabin. Proper nice little alpine mountain town :-)

    1. I didn't see the cemetery?! The funiular is waayyy better than walking up, you lucky lady! Wish the girls had thought that was a good idea when we went! It was like a movie set or something, I really want to go in the winter and see it with snow.

  2. Looks like a beautiful hike! I love finding small mountain towns when traveling!

  3. Flip flops to ascend a mountain?? Not sure that's the way to go, but I bet she's learned her lesson ;)
    I stayed there years ago, shortly after the demise of the Berlin wall. I bet it's changed beyond all recognition now. Day trip to Krakow was excellent.

  4. Pinning this one to my "Central East Europe" board! Funny how nobody outside of Poland seems to know about Zakopane, but if you'd asked a Pole, they would definitely know where it is. Have you per chance bought the traditional cheese "oscypki" from a stand like the one at the beginning of the post?

    1. No, I didn't try the cheese.

      Well so many people outside of Poland still haven't heard of Zakopane so maybe not? It was a gorgeous small town when I went there last year. I was hoping to get back and go snowboarding this winter, but alas no time with my new job.


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