An Afternoon in Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. A city often overlooked by tourists skipping off to the coast, like Reykjavík the city is another Europe's smallest, but it is buzzing with energy. Zagreb is a city perfect for walking around, everything is so close together. You can just stroll around and take in the beautiful architecture dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


Aside from the cultural side of Zagreb, there is a museum I am dying to get to; The Museum of Broken Relationships. Yeah, yeah, it sounds a bit melancholy, and maybe it is, but I am so looking forward to visiting it. I just hope it lives up to my expectations, I've wanted to go since it was moving around, and never got to it, so spending an afternoon in Zagreb this summer gives me the perfect opportunity to go. The museum is in the Upper Town area of Zagreb, you can walk up, or you can ride the funicular- which has been in operation since 1893!

Museum of artifacts from past relationships.

I also want to visit the Church of St. Mark, the roof is fascinatingly beautiful. Croatian's are a very proud, patriotic race and this church roof sure is a testament to that. The tiles are laid in the national red, white and blue with the Zagreb coat of Arms.

St. Mark's Church.

The Zagreb Cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia, with it's spires being visible from many places around the city. The Cathedral is Catholic, and dedicated to Assumption of Mary and King's Stephen and Ladislaus. Zagreb Cathedral was started in 1093, but has been destroyed in 1242 by the Tatars and the nave took another pounding in the Zagreb earthquake in 1880. The main nave collapsed, and the tower was damaged beyond repair. The restoration of the cathedral in it's current neo-Gothic style was brought to it's present form by Hermann Bollé.

Kathedrale zu Zagreb

Have you visited Zagreb? What else would you recommend?

This is the last post from the A-Z Challenge, click the link if you'd like to read my other posts! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I wish I had found your blog earlier in the challenge! It looks like you've been to a lot of great places!

    1. Thanks, Sherry. It's been a great challenge.

  2. Congratulations on completing the A to Z Challenge Sammi! Also, I think I have to congratulate you on something else that you won from our site :)

    I have done quite a bit of research on Croatia in general and especially Zagreb and there are so many cool things to do there that I would love to visit there sometime soon. You have highlighted some excellent spots that are a great starting point for anyone visiting there for the first time.

    1. Thanks, and thank you :) I'm very lucky to have won.

      I am going to so many places in Croatia this summer, Split, Dubrovnik, Korcula, Makarska, Mljet, Hvar & Zagreb- via Croatia sail mostly but I am so excited for Croatia.

  3. I only spent a couple of days in Zagreb, but I really enjoyed it! And the museum of broken relationships was great, as was the museum of peasant art (which I think was across the street? It was really close). I'm not majorly into museums, but I found both to be really interesting! :)

    -- Erika from America

    1. I'm only there for an afternoon, but I hope I'll get to see a few things. I am really looking forward to it, tho'


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