When I think of Denmark, the first thing I think of is Hans Christian Anderson. I love to read, and fairy tales are just the start- I think it's healthy to continue to read fairy tales well into adulthood, it feeds the imagination. Plus did you know the main characters from Frozen were based on Hans Christian Anderson's name?

Hans Christian Andersen statue in Odense
photo via creative commons by Pedro Cambra on flickr

Although he left Odense pretty quick after a fairly rubbish childhood there, the city makes a big deal of his birth place, and there are even benches with monster claws for legs! You can find the Hans Christian Andersen museum in Odense, and there is also the Hans Christian Andersen Garden's to visit.Odense also boasts some pretty fabulous architecture with both the Saint Knuds Church and the Egeskov Castle to visit, too.

Egeskov Castle - Funen, Denmark
Photo via Creative Commons by Jim Trodel on flickr 

In Copenhagen, there is also lots to see and do. It's perhaps one of the most up and coming capitals at the moment, with a lot of tourists flocking there. Like Amsterdam, it's a great place to do a canal tour. One of the most famous things to see in the city is the Little Mermaid statue. The statue is to commemorate Hans Christian Andersen and has overlooked the harbour since 1913.

The little mermaid Copenhagen 20130420_046 
photo via Creative Commons by News Oresund on flickr

Lastly, another reason I want to visit Denmark is to catch up with my friends Julie and Jude who I met up with at Blog Camp in Berlin a few years ago, as they are both based there.

*Edit* A Brit & A Southerner also chose Denmark today, for more information on Denmark go visit their post...

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  1. Ahh another Scandinavia post! I'm seriously considering a Scandinavia trip after SEA. Love it! :)

    1. I want to do a lot of Scandinavia, especially after reading the Millennium Trilogy

  2. Seeing this post I think I need to re-read some stories from my past and then perhaps also book a trip to Denmark :)

  3. Thanks so much for including us in your post - kudos to you also for selecting Denmark, it really is a gorgeous country at least based off the research we have done. We will find out for ourselves at the end of September as we head there for a few days (Copenhagen) prior to heading on to England.

    We didn't mention Odense in our post but the image of Egeskov Castle is awesome and certainly something I would love to explore further.

    Great post and looking forward to following the rest of your challenge.

    1. No problem Chris. Your post is so great, and covers a lot more than mine!
      Wow, you're so lucky to be going, I might actually end up there in September, depending on a few things.
      Odense fascinates me, the whole fairy tale thing is right up my street. That castle just looks beautiful, doesn't it?

  4. I would love to visit Denmark as well! But then again I want to travel everywhere :)

  5. Nice to see Denmark here (so close to my original country ...) Just discovered your blog ... Will be fun to see which destinations you have .. maybe we will cross paths? Good luck with the rest of atoz:-)

    1. Hey Eli, thanks for all your follows across social media :) noticed your name popping up over the last day or so. Where are you from originally?


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