H is for Hamburg, Germany

Germany is one of my favourite countries. Having already visited Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin- where I will be visiting again in just over 5 weeks time. I really want to visit Hamburg, too. It is the second largest city in Germany, and has it's biggest port.

Hamburg Town Hall

Hamburg - 2009-10-16

Nicknamed a "Habourpolis" by Lonely Planet, Hamburg has never been a shy city. Becoming wealthy, by joining the Hanseatic League trading bloc back in the middle ages. It's a city that knows its roots, and no matter where you are you're aware of those maritime roots, it's in the architecture, restaurant menu's and of course, the cry's of seagulls.

The thing that made me want to visit this city the most? It's Stadtstrand- urban beaches. Yep, that's right. Hamburg has started to get a reputation for having the best Urban Beach bar's. And I want to try them out. Each April tens of thousands of tons of sand is imported to the city, where they build miniature seaside paradises. The most famous of these is StrandPauli which I am so dying to visit! Though StrandPauli is open year around, other's are open only May- September.

Doing nothing at all, but doing it very well

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  1. COOL! Germany is also one of my favorite countries, but I've mostly only seen Bayern (since that's where my husband's family is from). Stuttgart is pretty awesome, too. We were there in 2010 when Germany took third place in the World Cup, and the city went crazy. Can't wait to be back again this July!

  2. I never heard of urban beaches before - they look cool. Might have to add that to the list of places to visit!

  3. We visited Germany when I was a child...naked beaches. That's one thing I remember about my trip!

    1. Ohmygosh, that is a WORLD wide thing! Anywhere with German resorts is pretty naked !

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