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So as you know, I'm going to Iceland in October, which I can't wait for, which means R is for  Reykjavík, the smallest, mostly Northerly city in Europe. It's got a sense of calm and space that other European cities are missing. The population is tiny, although the capital is a throbbing metropolis in comparison with the other area's of Iceland. In spite of the quiet city life, the weekends have gained Reykjavík a reputation for great night life.

Iceland: Sólfar (Sun Voyager)

Reykjavík is split into two by the Tjornin lake. The city is somewhere to roam around and chill in café's, and take in at a relaxed pace. Unlike other capitals, you're not racing around to see tons of attractions, just taking in the city. Though city life is slightly different than anywhere else, nature is never far from view and visitors are often bemused to see gaggle's of geese flying across the city centre.


If you head towards the residential area's you can visit Hallgrímskirkja, which is a huge white concrete church which towers over the neighbourhood. If you ride the lift to the top of the tower of the church you get to see the best views of the whole country.

Hallgrímskirkja - an architectural landmark in Reykjavik, Iceland

The area of Laugavegur is full of elegant shops, stylish bars and restaurants, as well as the best museums. The National Museum, Culture House, and Saga Museum, all offer a great introduction into Iceland's past. Another great museum is Landnámssyningin, which is the settlement exhibition, the centre is an extensive ruin of a Viking farmhouse. It was excavated in 2001 and is a sizeable living space of 85sqm with a hearth as the focal point. As you wander around the exhibition, look out for the spine of what could have been a horse or cow,  buried under the part of the wall- it was traditional to have a talisman to ward off evil spirits during Viking times.  There is still ongoing excavations at the site.

Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach is an artifical beach of yellow sand where you can swim in the sea water lagoon- don't worry, it's not usually cold, the temperature stays around 18- 20C as there is hundred of gallons of geothermally heated sea water into the open air pool next to the beach. There are also two hotspots, generally around 35C, one of which is built into the sand.

Geothermal Beach at Nauthólsvík

Have you been to Reykjavík? What did you get up to?

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  1. Can't wait to see pictures from your trip!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, again Katrina. I am so excited for Iceland :)

  2. Very envious that you are getting to go to Iceland later this year. We will certainly be following your travels and looking forward to hearing about all your stories. Iceland is near the very top of our bucket list and hoping we can arrange a trip there in the next couple of years to explore all of the amazing attractions there both in Reykjavik and other spots around the country.

    1. I'm so very excited to be going :)
      It was a very spontaneous booking, after I discovered little old Bristol airport flies to Reykjavík, I had to book the flights!

  3. Iceland and Reykjavik is awesome! I hate to back track but would return to this volcanic rock in the middle of the Atlantic again and again. Here is a post with the perfect 3 day itenerary:

    Have fun! I am excited for you!


    1. Shaun- I got this comment on e-mail and then couldn't find it again! Thank you so much I'm bookmarking your page as inspiration for my trip! Thanks so much appreciate it :)


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