Secretly in Love with Slovenia

Of all the places I am going this year, Slovenia, you're the one I am most excited for.

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Everyone raves about how amazing you are, and not one person has said a bad thing about you. You seem to have come through the rough days of the Iron Curtain hanging over you, and the break up of Yugoslavia with little injury, and have intergrated into the rest of Europe nicely (Slovenia has been part of the € since 2007, and was the first former communist state to join). Your capital city is small and sophisticated, the architecture showing off your past with fabulous baroque buildings from the Habsburg's reign. The Julian Alps has the most beautiful and stunning scenery in perhaps all of Europe, but for some reason you seem to be keeping it quiet, not everyone has discovered you yet. I am so excited to get to Lake Bled and discover the beautiful scenery, and hope that I, too, will fall under the spell so many before me have fallen under.

Ljubljana dragon

In the two days I get to spend getting to know you, I am looking forward to discovering your capital city, as well as the small town of Bled. I'm looking forward to swimming in the lake, right out to the church. An image that has become iconic for my coming summer, already. I hope to go white water rafting in your national parks, and hike around the mountains. I'm looking forward to breathing your fresh, crisp air and enjoy the peace and serenity you offer.

Triglav National Park

Bled lake, Slovenia

From everything I've been told about you, Slovenia, I think I am already in love with you.

Have you visited Slovenia, do you think it's magical?

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  1. Can I sneak into your suitcase? ;)
    Some of those pictures look so Dracula-esque. Mystical, alluring, and interesting!

    1. Looks amazing, doesn't it?
      I'm taking a backpack, but you can sure try, Katrina :)

  2. I may need to add this to my 'must see' places. Why, I wonder, is Slovenia not somewhere we hear about more often? It looks magiacel.

    1. Maybe because it's so beautiful, people want to keep the secret to themselves ;) tho' I will be writing about it when I get back.


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