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Back in October I decided to start blogging, again. Except this time I wanted to start a blog solely about my travels, but I just never got around to it. Then I heard that Amanda at A Dangerous Business was writing a travel blogging course, and wanted people to test it out. So, I jumped at the chance.

The thing with me is, I love writing, I do NaNoWriMo every year, I've kept a personal locked journal online since I was 14 years old and I always have half finished novels on my laptop and notebooks full of ideas for stories. That bit, I hope, I've got down. The rest that goes with blogging, I'm not so sure, it's a whole new world to me, so a course to point me in the right direction seemed like a great idea! I already had my blog, but it just had a couple of posts on it and a seriously rubbish layout- because I wasn't sure what I wanted yet.


This course is very much for BEGINNERS, like me. You get 12 lessons by e-mail, and there is a private facebook group which you'll be invited to and Amanda offers skype calls to help you out, as well as always being able to contact her by e-mail with any questions.

The lessons that are included cover things from the very basic task of setting up a blog, what you should post when you're not travelling, working out what your blogging niche is, how to use SEO to your advantage, how to use social media, breaking into the travel blogger community, blogging as a business and creating social media kits. The course costs $250.


For me, I learnt a lot. The first couple of lessons were introductory, but from there on in I learnt a ton. Currently the most useful lessons to me were about writing when you're not travelling, social media and breaking into the travel blogger community. My blog views have soared since I started the course, and my blog looks entirely different, too. As I said at the beginning of the post I didn't really have a good layout and now it looks all pretty (from my point of view) and summery and has a beach picture- that I took in Cyprus- at the top and all. I learnt how to add social media buttons to my blogger blog (that was a big one for me). I also learnt that, in the future for me since I'm still new at this, I can make this blog into a business if I want to go down that route and pitch myself to people about advertising their products here. Though I'm not sure yet.

Would I recommend this course?

If you're a newbie, definitely! Some of the other girls have also written reviews which you can read on Angela Travels and Pack Me To. Amanda is also offering an extension course about working with brands which will start in June and cost $100 for anyone who wants to learn more about that, and wants to their blog onwards and upwards.

Disclosure: I took the first course, Travel Blogging 101, from January this year. If you also choose to take this course and click the images on this post, or in the sidebar of my blog, I’ll receive a small percentage of the payment at no extra cost to you. I found great value in this course and hope you'll enjoy it too.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review, Sammi! I'm really happy to hear that you learned a lot.


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