Vivacious Vietnam

I say this to everyone who tells me they're going to Vietnam

"Did you ever see that episode of Top Gear, where they went to Vietnam?"

DGJ_1960 - Ha Long Bay (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

No, but, seriously?! I even asked Amanda from A Dangerous Business...

(and the answer was yes, yes she had). Now, aside from watching Miss Saigon with my school when I was a teenager I had no reference for Vietnam until I saw that episode and that's when I decided, if I get nowhere else in Asia, I really want to get to Vietnam. It is one seriously beautiful country. Tho' I will probably be working in the opposite direction than they did on Top Gear, and start in Hanoi.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and second largest city. It has an elegant timelessness. Hanoi is famous for it's mixture of French Colonial architecture, ancient temples, and tranquil lakes. It is also the final resting place of former leader Ho Chi Minh.

Hanoi - Tran-Quoc-Pagode

Halong Bay, a UNESCO world heritage site, is like some other worldly place with all the rocks jutting out of the water. You get your best views from the water, so take a cruise on a junk boat. The best times of year to go being March- June just avoid public holidays.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, Feb 2012

Hue is the former home of Vietnam's emperors. The city is easy to get around, with the Perfume River being the main landmark. The old city and citadel sit to the north with the newer parts of the city off to the south. The river side makes for a pretty walk with unusual sculptures, or you could take a dragon boat along the river instead.

Hué, Citadel, Imperial Enclosure, Emperor's Reading Room

Hoi An, yet another UNESCO world heritage site, granted status less than 20 years ago. The city was once a huge trading hub, the pricipal trading port of the Cham Kingdom. Trade is still important to this day, it's where you go to get custom clothes made when you're in Vietnam.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Ho Chi Minh City, or HCMC, is the largest city in the country. You should check out the Reunification Palace, and the tank that ended the Vietnam war, as well as the War Remnants Museum. The city is hub of multiculturalism and you can visit a mosque, cathedral, temple and pagoda's there, too.

Vietnam_0402 - People's Council

Have you been to Vietnam? Tell me your story's in the comments!

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  1. Vietnam is amazing - just as pretty and cool as it looked in that Top Gear episode!

    1. I so hope I get to go next year, I am thinking about doing the same tour you did but not going as far as Bangkok, and spending some time with my sister who lives in Cambodia.


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