A-Z Challenge Round Up

Wow, what a month that was! I learnt so much about the places I wrote about, and only hope I served them justice. Now I know more about the places I wrote about, the more determined I am to visit them.

World Map - Abstract Acrylic

My five most popular posts were Top 5 Places to Visit in Norway, H is for Hamburg, Italia, Galápagos Islands and Secretly in Love with Slovenia.

Lake Bled

As well as those places I skipped around the world, starting in somewhere familiar to me, Amsterdam. In Europe we visited Denmark, Finnish Lapland, Hamburg and Koln in Germany. I hit on the tiny fairytale land of Luxembourg. I revisited Portugal, many years since I last went there. I visited the small capitals of Reykjavík, Zagreb and Warsaw.


I wrote about Turkey, and we skipped into Asia visiting the historic site of Petra, Jordan. Visiting the orangutans of Borneo, and the temples of Cambodia. As well as the vivacity of Vietnam and newly open to tourists Myanmar. I hopped across to China, and wrote about the Terracotta Army, amongst other things at Xi'an.


I touched briefly on the African continent, heading to Essaouira in Morocco.

Sunset of Essaouira

I went down under, and wrote about Queensland- though I want to visit the rest of Australia, too, someday. I wrote the 50 things I want to do in the USA, and I came back home to the UK with Oxford and Yorkshire.

Here Comes the Fog

How did your A-Z Challenge go? What did you enjoy the most?

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  1. What an impressive posting challenge to have completed! Congratulations!

    1. Right, it was insane, I'm so glad it's over ;) but I'm glad I did it.

  2. What a great round up Sammi! It seems that you really had the chance to review a lot of beautiful places and it also seems that you had a really busy month. I can actually hear your sigh of relief that April is over, but now you still have to go and visit every single place you wrote about… :)

    1. A huge sigh of relief- I have all this spare time now, it's incredible! I'll get to all of them someday ;)


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