Before You Travel, Insurance

I know travel insurance is important, but it's a royal pain in the behind, right?

Especially if you're a backpacker because finding insurance that covers you for sleeping on a boat for a week, possibly jumping out of a plane, dog sledding, white water rafting, and running with the bulls is hard to come by.

Usually for all my insurance needs I tend to just log in to a comparison website and buy the cheapest one, but recently with my travels becoming more adventurous, I felt the need to make sure my insurance was covering the activities I was under taking.

I searched around the internet, and on other blogger's websites. Most of the blog's I read are American's travelling, and the way I understand it, some people have travel insurance in with their healthcare? Or something? Anyway, what I mean to say is, it's not exactly how we do things in the UK, so much of the advice on other websites was irrelevant to me.

Time and again World Nomads appeared, but I am a poor and lowly bar wench. The cost of their insurance for a healthy twenty something like myself was the cost of a weekend away somewhere! It actually cost more to insure me with World Nomads for a year than it does to insure my warfarin dependent diabetic mother (and that's just two of her health problems, never mind all the other stuff. Don't worry she leads a relatively normal life, she is not "sick"- aside from all the needles in the kitchen making our house look like a crack den between 5,25 and 5,50pm each evening) over the same time period.

I was convinced that there must be an alternative, and decided after a few weeks of looking that the answer lay in contacting other bloggers. British bloggers who would surely be in the same boat as me. After all half of backpacking involves doing things cheaply, so surely I couldn't be the only one shocked by the cost of insurance? My answer came quickly from Backpacker Becki. She sent me a link to a post on her own website about the same thing- what a pain in the arse buying insurance is. In it she mentioned a company called Covermore.

They, as it turned out, were precisely what I was looking for. I flicked down through their website, ran a couple of quotes in and hit refresh a couple of times because I couldn't believe my eyes at the price they were quoting me- more than £100 less than my original World Nomads quote! Just to be sure, I rang the company detailing my big trip in July, and telling them about my trip to Iceland later in the year. The woman told me that, yes, I would be covered for all of the above* on any of their insurance plans, but recommended the Gold plan, which was only £7 more than their Silver plan and as I have no medical conditions to declare, it was a great price for what they're covering me for.

She sent me over some policy wording to read through before I committed to my insurance plan- which I thought was great customer service- and I agreed that for the extra £7 it was definitely worth going with the Gold plan.

I was surprised I hadn't seen this company recommended before now, and glad to have come across it. They were great helping me out on the phone, and happy to answer all my questions. I would absolutely recommend contacting them for a quote.

All opinions in this post are my own, I have not been compensated or given any freebies to say anything about this particular company.

*I hadn't mentioned the dog sledding at this point, and that is only covered in Gold plans upwards.

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  1. Thanks for the article Sammi. I wonder if Covermore are a good shout for us for our tour of the US and Canada in September/October...

    1. Check them out for sure, they do worldwide cover. I just bought Europe cover because I am just travelling in Europe (for now).


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