Berlin Through Instagram

Last weekend in Berlin

Glad to be reunited with these girls in #berlin by @cozmikfaerie

Finally visiting Checkpoint Charlie by @cozmikfaerie

It is so strange to cross the street when the Wall used to stand here #berlin #mauer by @cozmikfaerie

Grey days in #berlin by @cozmikfaerie

Berlin, for me, is a city of firsts and this time whilst there I had my first ever Sushi #latergram by @cozmikfaerie

Jewish museum, Berlin you walk across the faces by @cozmikfaerie

My "Sevillian Ladies" as Kathy calls us ;) by @cozmikfaerie

#berlin #berlinwall #berlinmauer #potsdamerplatz by @cozmikfaerie

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  1. Did you enjoy the sushi!!?!?!

    1. Yeah, I liked the sushi :) tho' there are other foods I like more ;)


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