Fuerteventura #tbt

One of these days I'll write a bit about living in Fuerteventura, but for now let's just look at a picture of the sunny beach in the town I used to live. 

I chose Fuerteventura for my Throwback Thursday post this week because my friend, Steve, is celebrating having lived on the island for 20 years! He has owned and run God only knows how many bars in Fuerteventura, but can currently be found running Hemingway's  in Caleta de Fuste #EatSleepHemingwaysRepeat. I really wish I was out there celebrating with him and all my friends, but unfortunately it clashed with my trip to Berlin. 

I always thought I would be moving back to Fuerteventura, I wanted to prove that I could make it alone, but now I've travelled to so many other places, I'm not so sure.... let's see what the future brings! 

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