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This Time Next Week....

This time next week I will be at the first day of La Fiesta de San Fermin, more commonly known to us English speakers as The Running of the Bulls or Pamplona!


Sunshine in England

On the very odd occasion, it's sunny in the UK. And it's on day's like that it's worth hitting the beach! Just to prove that the sunshine does exist here are some instagram shots from my trips to the Dorset coastline over the past couple of weeks. All these shots were taken in Bournemouth and Weymouth.

Enjoying a Friday beer with glorious blue skies on the Brewer's Quay side of Weymouth

Split #tbt


York Minster

I am the first to admit that usually I don't enjoy visiting churches, unless they are of notable exception and let me give you my two cents worth:

This church is of notable exception.

In Love with York

"Nowhere in England is there another spot so full of charm as York and where in York is there a more charming spot than the Gardens of the Philosophical Society, in which stand the beautiful fragments of that once powerful and noble monastery of St. Mary's. Here we must leave the venerable pile in the evening of its glory."- Edwin Risdale Tate

Reeling at the Rad Cam

Secretly, I think if I'd been pushed, I could easily have read English at university (never mind the whole dropping out of Sixth Form, yeah). Language, and words and their formation fascinate me; not just English but how words changed from one part of the world to another to make up all these different languages we speak. I'd like to think- though I am more than likely seeing the world through rose tinted glasses- that I could have hung out at Oxford and read.

Slovakia #tbt


Ambling Through Oxford

Ambling through the Oxford colleges on a typically grey day. The beautiful buildings, and crowded winding lanes between each college were beautiful, and exactly how Oxford appears it should look. Here are some pictures I took on my short trip to the city.

On Home Comforts and City Centre's

Finally showered and rid, mostly, of tomato pips and having had a nap, it was our last night in Valencia, and we were exhausted. Most of us had to leave in the small hours of the following morning, so not all of us were up for a party, and to add to that, it was absolutely pouring with rain.

photo credit julie broberg

And yet, we knew, two blocks away there was a Wok to Walk and a Starbucks... Right. Next. To. Each. Other.

Finding Oxford

I am quite organised with travelling, particularly if I'm visiting somewhere for a day on my day off. I like to know where I am going and what I should see. In spite of this, Oxford was not exactly what I was expecting...

Kraków #tbt


Lyra's Oxford

My three favourite things in the world are travelling, reading, and writing. My trip to Oxford, with my friend Holly, little over a week ago combined all of those and let me indulge in a little geekery from His Dark Materials. I went in search of Lyra and Will's bench. I know I am not the first to write a post like this, but I had to do it for myself.

Museums, Do or Don't?

With all the travelling that I do, and all the adventure that I undertake, I feel that I should make the effort to get to know a place quite well, especially when there is so much history here in Europe. I should learn about it, and I do try, but...

I have a confession to make.

Munich, Oktoberfest #tbt


Getting to Know the Reichstag

The Reichstag building is the home of German parliament, and as I mentioned in yesterday's post, it somewhere you can visit for FREE.

10 Things to do in Berlin for FREE

On our first day Joyce and I amazed ourselves, we managed to walk around the city centre and catch the main sights and not spend any money. Berlin is such a great value destination, most of the things people come to see are, in fact, out in the open and totally free.

Our selfie attempting to get the Berliner Dom in the background (attempt 3 of about 50).

Here's a list of things we saw for nothing: