Munich, Oktoberfest #tbt

Whilst I have no regrets from Oktoberfest, I really wish I'd seen more of Munich! I had the best time at Oktoberfest, it really was the trip that gave me the travel bug. I made great friends there, who I hope I will see again one day- in Australia or Europe and it was easily the best decision I've made in my life! 

And did I mention the pork knuckle? Oh my! It is the Best Thing Ever! If you didn't already know in German it is called "Schweinhaxe" which I love!

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  1. Pork knuckle! There's an Austrian restaurant near my house that does some amazing Pork knuckle that I now miss!

    1. You're so lucky- I haven't had it here in the UK at all! I did have one in Poland last summer, but it wasn't nearly as good.

  2. Glad you had a good time! It's definitely one that you need to put on a bucket list isn't it? Lucky you getting to go with friends though, I usually have to go with work tables, but the friends tables are much more fun! :D

    1. Absolutely.

      I think you could go with ANYONE and have a good time. Of course some of the tents are... quieter than others!


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