Discover Zadar

This week SJ Begonja of Chasing the Donkey has been kind enough to let me use her post as a mini-series about things to do in Croatia. 

One of the best things to do in Croatia is to visit the historic old towns. One such place that I always recommend, is the seaside town of Zadar

By day you can drink coffee in the 2,000-year-old Roman forum, or wander the narrow streets enjoying locally made ice cream, from the parlour Donat Sladoled. Once night falls, you can enjoy the sounds of the Musical Nights Festival, A classical music festival which runs from July to August each year, bringing the 9th century Saint Donatus Church and Roman Forum to life.

More music and lights can be found along Zadar’s promenade, thanks to architect Nikola Basic who added a modern dimension to Zadar with his design of the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun. Relax by the Sea Organ, by day or night and enjoy the sound of the waves creating music, as they push air through 35 underwater pipes.

After enjoying all that Zadar has to offer, stay a few extra nights and make use of the convenient location to take day trips to the national parks and to sail along the Adriatic Coast.

Zadar Greeting to the sun- photo credit Leonardo Uzeda


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