Explore Istria

This week SJ Begonja of Chasing the Donkey has been kind enough to let me use her post as a mini-series about things to do in Croatia. 

Rovinj in Istria, Croatia

When you think of Croatia, you’ll be forgiven if you only think of beaches along those 1,000 out-of-this world islands. Yet there is a part of Croatia to the north that you should visit while you’re in the land of the red & white checkers. It’s known as Istria.

In Istria you’ll find medieval hilltop towns, which some describe as being like the ‘new Tuscany’, an array of food festivals and some of the region’s best olive oil, wine and the famous white truffle. Many visit Istria and wonder if they haven’t just stumbled into small-town life in Italy.

Something else you might want to consider while on holiday in Croatia is cycling. Istria has some of the most scenic routes geared for cyclists. Amateurs through to professionals will each find a trail lined with breathtaking views and plenty of places to stop and enjoy a coffee.

Motovun Istria Photo Credit Sobrecroacia


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