Where Will Your Adventures Take You?

The hardest part about getting back from a trip is not knowing when you're going to get to go again. Just knowing that more than anything you want to. Since getting home all I've done is look for my next adventure.

Dinosaur  Adventure

After making friends from America, do I want to trek across that continent for 3 weeks? Or should I visit my "sister" in Cambodia, and trek around South East Asia for a few weeks? Or is it time to venture Down Under and finally discover what Australia is all about? And where can I find all these types of adventure trips all under one website. That's where My Adventure Store comes in.

Australia Day 2010

My Adventure Store is all about the things we, as traveller's, are about. It's all about being explorer's of the globe and adventurer's in the modern world. It's about knowing that sometimes you'll go to places where you won't pick up WiFi, but that it'll be worth it because you're adventuring through places you have only dreamed of until now- and it'll make you realise that you don't need that WiFi connection anywhere near as much as you thought.

Cambodia-2638B - Angkor Wat

For me, it's all about small group tours, my favourite trips have been the one's with a few people where you become more like a family of travelling brother's and sister's always laughing and looking out for each other. Maybe my next trip will be the My Adventure Store Cambodia Adventure tour, 12 days discovering the ancient sites and breathtaking sights of a country known for it's laid back charm and friendly smiles. Getting to see temples so old you can't even comprehend at Angkor Wat, or getting lost in the crazy capital of Phnom Penh, and getting to relax at the palm lined beach at Sihanoukville.

Where will your next adventure take you?

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  1. We got back from a Europe trip just yesterday, and I'm feeling the post-trip blues. Time to start saving so we can have another adventure (and time to find a job that gives more time off as I used up the paltry 10 days I'm given for this year). If you find out how to become fabulously wealthy with just a little bit of effort, please share! ;)

    1. I know just what you mean, Katrina. I just got home this weekend and I am totally suffering post trip blues! Missing my trip mates, guides, and all the fab people and countries who's path's I crossed and trod on. Ugh, being home makes me sad! I am trying to work out a way to become fabulously wealthy and travel all the time!


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