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The Definitive Guide to Nightlife in Croatia

Suffice to say, a huge part of Croatia Sail, even more so than the swim stops, is partying. Every Single Night. Here's my Top 5 places to party

Piiiirate Party

Pirate Party, to me, is a bit of a rite of passage if you do Croatia Sail. It's the one night everyone on the boat gets into fancy dress, looks a bit silly, and has a good laugh on the boat. You, and about 200 other Croatia Sail passengers from different boats go to the world's smallest bar. Where, like pretty much everywhere else you've visited in Croatia, you get drunk and hang out on the steps outside. Except you're all dressed like pirates.

Adriatic Sea-nery

See what I did there?

I've said it in pretty much every post, but swim stops are a mandatory part of life on Croatia Sail, and boy did we stop in some stunning places, so below are some photo's from our gorgeous stops. Warning, I may have included a shot of me in a bikini below!

Would You Eat Black Risotto?

On my first night in Split, after failing to get fed at Villa Spiza (since it was already so busy), my friend & I walked around Split looking for a cheapish Konoba to eat at.

The Gross Side of La Tomatina

What could be better than being crammed into a skinny Spanish street with 20,000 other attempting to throw a few tonnes of soft fruit at each other?


A Guide to Mljet

Mljet island is the most south easterly of the islands in the Adriatic sea. Visited for it's National park, entrance is 90kn, it's bordered by 2 salt water lakes and stretches for about 4 kilometre's. Each day there are ferry's from Dubrovnik, and trips can also be arranged from Makarska and Korcula.

A Day in Dubrovnik

I lay with my eyes shut the following morning listening to the engine start up. Waiting for the boat to move in anticipation. There had been a lot of talk in Korcula the night before about the following day's forecast. It was meant to be as bad as it had been, all over again. A storm forecast with heavy rain, and after spending one day like that I vowed I would get off if I had to do another.

Of Seasickness & Tornado's

I didn't believe it could get better than this

And it turned out it wouldn't. Not on Day Two at least.

Heading to Hvar

Ah, Croatia Sail, how I had been looking forward to you. Having booked all my tours early in the year the seven month wait had felt so long, it even felt like time was going backwards in the month running up to my leaving & Croatia Sail is the one trip that everyone "Ooh's" and "Aah's" about. Plus, it sounded mostly relaxing (you know, apart from the partying every night).

Villa Spiza My New Favourite Restaurant

Firstly, did you know mussels are my favourite food in the world?

There's Something About Split

When we hit the tarmac at Split, the ground was wet. In spite of Mrs. Chasing the Donkey's insistence that the weather had been crap this summer, I refused to believe it until I saw it. After all, Croatia is all about endless summer, right? So I peered through the window hoping that in the direction of the sea there would be sunlight. There was not... 

And the Liebster Goes To....

The liebster is an award passed from blogger to blogger, in an effort for us to all discover new blogs that have so far laid undiscovered. I am incredibly pleased to accept my nomination from Julie at The World in Between
The Rules are:
Liebster Award Rules
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Getting my Gaudi Fix in Barcelona

The next- very brief- stop on my travels was Barcelona. It was a bit of a theme in my trip, returning to places I had previously been, including Split, Slovakia (again briefly),and Prague. Despite having spent three days in Barcelona at the end of 2012, I didn't manage to fit in all the Gaudi site's I'd wanted to, so I decided that I'd spend my afternoon in the city exploring La Pedrera.

Selfie's with Jesus

San Sebastian is a beautiful place, but it's climate is like England. So when we left at Pamplona after the last Bull Run and the sun was shining, we were looking forward to walking up the hill to see Jesus. With the World Cup being on, there were lots of bad jokes about being in a city that wasn't Rio that had a Jesus statue. Jesus, but Not Christ the Redeemer. And that wasn't the only bad joke going around...

Seeing a Different Spain in San Sebastian

Spain is my Up There in my list of favourite countries. It is so diverse and so full of history and tradition and their culture is definitely one of my favourite- who doesn't love a country that believes in napping from midday until 4pm?!

Viva San Fermin!

As I mentioned in my last post, San Fermin isn't all about Bull Run's, in fact there isn't a Bull Run at all on the first day.

What is Fiesta de San Fermin?

I didn't write much about San Fermin in the run up to my trip. I felt the need to keep my mouth shut even though I had no intention of ever actually running with the bulls. The main reason I didn't write a lot about it was because in one of my first posts on this blog I mentioned it and some so- called (real life, non blogger) friends sent me a shitty message & deleted me from their facebook friends. Even whilst I was away, I received several nasty anonymous comments about my decision to go to this festival.

Why did I decide to go?

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round


In case you hadn't guessed from the last two posts, I'm home! It is not a good feeling. I spent the last 3 weeks travelling almost entirely with Busabout (the title of this post, by the way, has almost no relevance. I just sang it every time I saw our bus coach, yes, I am that girl). As always, I cannot recommend Busabout highly enough. I had the best time and I miss the feeling of travel, and being with people who want to see EVERYTHING!