Adriatic Sea-nery

See what I did there?

I've said it in pretty much every post, but swim stops are a mandatory part of life on Croatia Sail, and boy did we stop in some stunning places, so below are some photo's from our gorgeous stops. Warning, I may have included a shot of me in a bikini below!

Looking back to Split

One of the many uninhabited islands

Yeah, sorry, bikini shot, but look at the location
Sometimes you want to swim to the islands
Or steal someone's kayak to do so
Sometimes all the boats will pull up along side each other just outside a town, like Makarska. Then we'll all be filmed & photographed jumping off the boats!
Sometimes you'll be just outside a National Park

Sometimes you'll cycle to swim in a stunning location where lake's meet the sea

Best for last, pulling up just off Brac island in a secluded cove

Which of the above would you most like to swim at? 

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  1. Those photos are stunning! I think it would be nice to swim to any of those stops.. nice bikini shot, I must say. :)

    1. Hahaha, thanks Sofia! Yes, well it doesn't expose too much of my stomach so I figured it wouldn't offend too many folks ;) I miss swimming in the sea!


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