Of Seasickness & Tornado's

I didn't believe it could get better than this

And it turned out it wouldn't. Not on Day Two at least.

What turned out to be an anything but dull day at sea

The engine's started barely 2hrs after I'd got in that night. The noise woke me & my head hurt from the night before. I grabbed the 2 litre bottle of water I'd snuck onto the boat, took some paracetamol and went back to sleep. I spent two restless hours tossing and turning. I could hear Elise- the girl I was sharing a cabin with wrestling with something above me- turned out our porthole wasn't closed properly. The boat was rocking wayyy more aggressive than the day before; today we were supposed to head to Mljet, the only time we'd be out in open water. Every time I woke I was clutching my stomach, it was my time of the month (yup, on Croatia Sail, talk about bad luck) so I didn't think too much of it to begin with (I'm not usually one to get sick after a few drinks) but I kept my eyes firmly shut and tried concentrating on anything else.

I woke with a jolt, the boat was rocking like a fairground ride. My stomach felt worse, I was sweating and dizzy. I tried standing only for my legs to turn to jelly & collapse beneath me. I lay back down pulling clothes over my sweating body. Not an easy feat when the boat was rocking so manically. Then I started heaving. Before my clothes were even on properly- with my shorts were skew-whiff, not done up and my top barely covering my boobs- I ran. As fast as I could out of my cabin along the corridor and up the stairs, all whilst heaving. The waves were splashing over the side of the boat onto the lower deck. I opened the toilet door and vomited before it had even closed behind me.

This was not what I signed up for. 

Not so sunny Croatia
What was this weather? The sky was black, and the clouds hung low around the mountains on the islands we were passing. The sea had changed from it's beautiful greeny- blue to a dark steely angry looking grey. Sat on the deck were several other passengers all with their heads hanging over the side looking a similar shade of green. Next to them was Marijo, one of the crew.

"I know how you feel," he said.

I scowled in return and sat in the corner watching the waves whilst trying to peel my hair off my sweaty neck and face. I hadn't brushed it and was trying desperately to force it into a bun, between my new exercise regime. Running to the toilet as quickly as possible so I didn't vomit on the deck! After several trips like this Marijo asked me to describe my sickness, I did so quietly looking at him bemused whilst all the other's ignored our conversation. He nodded and disappeared for five minutes, whilst I got to throw up all over again.

On his return, he brought a tablet, some water, a baguette and a blanket. The tablet, it turned out, was for seasickness and Marijo told me to take it with as little water as possible but to eat as much of the bread as I could. I wrapped myself in the blanket, in spite of sweating for the past several hours I was shivering, and sucked on my bread- which made an appearance not twenty minutes later.

Ciko, another crew member came and pointed towards an island not far away from us, "Look at that!"

That  turned out to be a waterspout. A tornado in the sea by the island right next to us, I looked incredulously at Ciko, who was too busy watching the direction it was going in & talking to Marijo quickly in Croatian. One of my friends ran down to get her camera & picked up mine, too, so we could take photo's.

"We do not go to Mljet today. It is too dangerous," Ciko announced before heading towards the other end of the boat.

For a short time we followed behind the waterspout that he'd pointed out to us, suddenly the engine's made a louder than normal noise & the boat took a u-turn. Ciko came back and explained that we would instead go back to Korcula, where we would be safer & we would arrive in an hour or so's time.

Finally, the vomiting stopped, and I curled up in my blanket and slept. Across a table. In a storm. Smelling like sick.

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  1. Ugh... how awful getting sea sick. I don't do well on boats even with motion sickness pills.

    1. they made all the difference, i swear by them now :)


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