Piiiirate Party

Pirate Party, to me, is a bit of a rite of passage if you do Croatia Sail. It's the one night everyone on the boat gets into fancy dress, looks a bit silly, and has a good laugh on the boat. You, and about 200 other Croatia Sail passengers from different boats go to the world's smallest bar. Where, like pretty much everywhere else you've visited in Croatia, you get drunk and hang out on the steps outside. Except you're all dressed like pirates.

photo credit Emily Turnbull

Pirate party starts on the boat with Captain's dinner, which was delicious freshly caught fish from the Adriatic, yum yum! Then the Captain awards best dressed, which I so badly wanted to win, but my good friend Maxi pipped me to the post with this stunner:

Maxi looking.... different!
I think it was the beard that did it ;)

Some of us had thought about our outfits and brought them from home, like me and Darmo

red sailor's dress, eye patch, bandanna
Darmo, AKA Beyoncé, in his onesie

We all sort of thought pirate party would be a quiet night, and maaan were we wrong. We partied the night away, and things started to get a bit messy...

Yep, the gun was mine, somehow I got it through customs (it's only plastic)
Piiiirate Paartaaaayy!

Most. Fun. Ever!

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  1. That sounds so fun!! How much did it cost to get on?

    1. Angelica, this was part of my Croatia Sail tour which was a week long trip.... I'm pretty sure you can get on pirate party boats from Split, but I have no idea how much it costs.

  2. I've been to a pirate party before but not a sailing one - jealous!! Looks like you guys had a fun time though. Maybe a little too much fun. Haha ;)

    1. Do you think I am too old to have one for my next birthday? I mean I'll turn 27 and it's not until March but stiiilll. And, Mandie, what is this "too much fun" rubbish you are talking about?! I just occasionally like to spend a week getting a little bit.... tiddly on a boat. Dressed as a pirate.

  3. Looks like a whole lot of fun!! :) Thanks for linking up with #WeekendWanderlust!


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