Selfie's with Jesus

San Sebastian is a beautiful place, but it's climate is like England. So when we left at Pamplona after the last Bull Run and the sun was shining, we were looking forward to walking up the hill to see Jesus. With the World Cup being on, there were lots of bad jokes about being in a city that wasn't Rio that had a Jesus statue. Jesus, but Not Christ the Redeemer. And that wasn't the only bad joke going around...

We got off the bus an hour later in San Sebastian and the rain came. The grey clouds had grown thicker throughout the journey home so Belle and I decided to take a nap, and hope that the sun would come out. I ended up bumping into Adrian, another guy from our group, & told him our plans for when the rain stopped. We sat chatting for a couple of hours in a room with no windows trying to work out- by facebook messaging other friends & checking the weather forecast- whether or not the rain had stopped.

It had, leaving the air crisp and cool so the three of us started up the hill. The walk wound around the hill, and went up some steep, slippery steps. "This really is like the stairway to heaven," I remarked whilst struggling up some of the steeper steps.

My knees are really bad, and the further up we got the more the sky became blue and the heat of the day came through. We stopped several times on the way up for "photo opportunities"- because my legs hurt. I stood panting & sweating with a lack of sunscreen because I'd decided against it with the rain clouds that were hanging in the air.

"Now I understand what people mean about struggling to find Jesus!" I joked.

Beautiful view over the city
The closer you got to the statue the more difficult it became to take photo's. In spite of all my bad jokes, the walk was totally worth it. Look at that view. Making it all the way up the hill above San Sebastian would not have been complete without a Jesus Selfie

Not Christ the Redeemer
Our happy faces at the top of the hill once we'd found Jesus.

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  1. You're right, that view is gorgeous! :)

    1. Sure is. San Sebastian is beautiful in general :)

  2. What a gorgeous view!! Thanks for joining up with #WeekendWanderlust!


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