I'm Feeling So Bohemian Like You

You got a great car, yeah what's wrong with it today? 
I used to have one to maybe I'll come & have a look... 
I really love your hairdo yeah, 
oh I'm glad you like mine too, see what looking pretty cool will getcha... 
Dandy Warhols Bohemian Like You (this is the trek song I would've picked, Nick!)

St. Mark's church famous roof
The Bohemian Trek is, in my opinion, the most underrated tour Busabout offers. Starting in Split, and ending in Prague. The trek, and the places you visit are kind of like being whisked through a fairytale where you learn about both the good and the bad guys. I feel slightly under pressure writing about this trek knowing that Nick- who was my lovely guide for this week- has read my last post & feel the need to really get my facts right! On the first day you travel up to Zagreb where you see an entirely different side of Croatia than the Adriatic scene's I've been showing you the past couple of weeks. You spend just a night here, tho' the city has more to offer than you can cram into one afternoon.

The following two days are spent in Slovenia, where you stay in the most picturesque town in the world, Bled. Not before passing through it's capital Ljubljana, one of the smallest capital's in the world. Bled is like a real life fairy tale, with the beautiful lake. The island, with the church in the middle, and looking across from the other side (than the town) you can see the castle and Julian alps behind, even with a touch of snow on at this time of year. The first day is spent getting to see Bled, and the second is spent with Triglav Adventures on their Emerald River Adventure, (if you go, this is a must).

Oh Bled... 

From Slovenia, you drive for an entire day to get through to Slovakia. With a lunch stop in Graz, Austria to break the day up. Apparently Graz is where Arnold Schwarznegger calls home!

You stay in Bratislava for two nights, Slovakia is a big change in scenery than Slovenia, with a much more 'Eastern European' vibe than Slovenia. It's capital city is a different kind of beautiful with the castle overlooking the Danube, and various statues around the centre. Keep an eye out for some awesome graffitti, too! After a week of dance to some very Euro-pop style songs, it was great to finally walk into a bar playing rock music, something a little more up my street.

The Bratislava bucket list tour is a really great way to encompass all the important sites in and around the city. You get to visit one of the only remaining parts of the Iron Curtain, visit Devin castle & eat lunch up a TV Tower where your view spans across Hungary, Austria & Czech Republic and end your day with a wine tasting of some scrummy Slovakian wines.

Our last stop was Prague, which has all this historic stuff to see, but as you know if you've been reading my blog it wasn't my favourite place I've visited. Yet some people seem to fall entirely in love with it, tho' there was a part of the city that did make me happy. If you were thinking about doing both the Bohemian and Rhapsody trek, my advice would be to start in Split, doing the Bohemian followed by the Rhapsody.

John Lennon Wall, Prague

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  1. I've been to the Czech Republic but definitely want to return to check out the rest of the area especially Croatia. I think Slovenia looks amazing too. So much to see.....

    1. Slovenia is so incredibly underrated, I don't feel like I've even scratched the surface.

  2. The Bohemian Trek seems like really interesting tour to take. Love all the stops it has covered. Ljubljana is one of my favorite towns. It has a great vibe. Every Friday, from March to October, they have an awesome gourmet event in the center of the town called Odprta kuhna (Open kitchen). It's basically a food market. But besides farm products, you can also sample all kind of food prepared by Ljubljana's best chefs.

    1. I've only just seen this comment! I loved Ljubljana. The Bohemian Trek certainly does cover some interesting stops on it's way around the Eastern Bloc :)

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