The Day I Sort of Got to Krka

In spite of having two almost full days in Split, I didn't make it to Krka National Park like I had been hoping. I still want to go and swim under waterfalls, but it hasn't happened yet.

When I checked into my hostel, I asked if there was a trip to Krka the following day, and what time it left and got back in. Originally I was told yes, there was a trip going & it would get back in around 5pm, which would be PERFECT for me. The guy told me he'd book me later in the day and to check back when I got back to the hostel.

The trip, it turned out, wasn't running the following day & I'd need to check at the tourist office for a trip. The tourist office told me their trips were 12hr days (8 thru 8) & seeing as I was having dinner with a friend at 6,30, it wasn't going to happen. I attempted looking at public transport, but with a need to change buses 3 times & catch a ferry, by the time I got there I'd have to turn back. When I told the girl on reception at my hostel she shrugged her shoulders telling me that all that's at Krka is a bunch of waterfalls. I raised my eyebrows at this remark, I kind of get that you don't appreciate what's on your doorstep and all that, but a bunch of waterfall's sounds like the coolest thing ever to me!

I gave up on my plan- there is always next year, and I feel I will undoubtedly end up in Split again & be able to take a tour (or perhaps hire a car). I just felt like I wasn't destined to go to Krka. Instead I spent a relaxing day at the beach in Split. I did consider going somewhere else, but that plan didn't work out either, and in the end decided that there wouldn't be many days when I could just lie around reading on my trip.

It wasn't until after my Croatia Sail trip that I sort of made it to Krka, we passed what seemed like a thousand signs for the National Park I seemed destined not to make it to. That's when our guide, Nick, told us that we were more or less passing over Krka & our first stop would be at a gift shop- come- services- there with a view point. It looks over a harbour in the National Park, so I skipped off camera in hand with several other girls to take some photo's.

So it's not perfect, and it's not the waterfall's, but it's something....

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  1. If you ask me, that view's not bad either! Here's hoping you make it next year!


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