Foto Friday: Slovenia

Yeah, yeah, I know I've finished writing about Slovenia.However since I'm away exploring The Golden Circle in Iceland today, I thought I'd share some of my favourite photo's from Slovenia with you.

Goldenhorn at Jasna Lake

Triglav National Park, wayyy up towards the clouds
Climbing the Vrsic Pass
On top of the world

First waterfall of the day

Emerald River, so beautiful

My future home on the right, there

Lake Bohinj in all her moody glory
Lake Bled taken with a film camera on a swim early in the morning, my favourite photo of the lake because it's not perfect.
And, of course, our white water rafting on the Emerald River

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  1. Great photos! I highly anticipate the day I get to visit Slovenia!

    Enjoy the Golden Circle - I was in Iceland a few years ago and really loved it!

  2. Great photos! And isn't white water rafting so much fun! :) Enjoy Iceland!

  3. Slovenia looks amazing! I would love to get there one day. Enjoy Iceland!

    1. You definitely need to get there, it's a beautiful place :)

  4. Slovenia is way high up on our bucketlist. It's supposed to be great for hiking and other outdoor activities ...

    1. It is, it's so great for people who love the outdoors!

  5. We visited Slovenia last year and loved it! It's such a tiny place but the people were super friendly, hitchhiking was childishly easy and the landscapes were stunning!
    Lovely photos as well, Sammi! You may be interested in participating in our Travel Photography Competition. I will send you more info on Twitter!
    Take care!

  6. Emerald river is stunning! I'm sad I missed out on that. I really like that photo you took of Lake Bled using a film camera. Super gorgeous even if you say it's not perfect. It definitely tells a story.

    1. It was a waterproof one, so I had it with me whilst swimming. I love it, tho' its one of my favourite photos

  7. beautiful pics of one of my fave countries. Vrisic pass looks wiiiiindy! But what wonderful views, I'm sure!


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