Keeping Out the Homesickness

It's one thing going travelling for several weeks seeing different towns, cities and countries, it's a whole other thing moving to a different country to fulfil a temporary contract. I know I'm going for a short time, and I know that after a short break, I'll be coming home, but this trip will be the longest I've been away from home, and the longest I've been away from my dog- it'll be almost 2 months when I get back. 

Secretly, tho' I'd never tell my mum, I'm worried about my dog. He has attachment issues, and whilst I know the person who is looking after him whilst my parents are away is the perfect person to look after him, it's the first time he's stayed with someone other than my parents in five years. We used to do it all the time, when I lived in the Canary Islands, go off for a week or so and leave him with a friend. He loved it, would go for walks and be no problem. Now he's gotten older and set in his ways, I hope he'll be okay.

The thing is, it's a long time for me, too. I'm nervous that I haven't packed the right stuff, or that I won't like my job (tho' another part of me thinks that's impossible), or that my room mate's and I won't get along. What if I get homesick, and what can I do to get rid of the homesickness? I've had a lot of time to think about it and there are even a couple of items in my holdall to combat homesickness, so here's a short list of ideas to combat homesickness:

1. Pyjamas

They've started calling it "lounge wear" haven't they? Those onesies, and comfy soft thick tops, and thick fleecy leggings that you'd never wear outside. As part of my Christmas present, my Mum bought me two new sets of pyjama's, both warm sets, one is those thermal long sleeved, long legged sets (covered in reindeers and snowflakes). The other has similar trousers, and a thin grey top, but it's got this huge thick pink/ purple soft fluffy jumper that goes with it. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for this trip (even if it does take up the majority of space in my holdall).

2. Comfy clothes

Here I am at home wearing cotton Aladdin pants, and a thick jumper. I can't sit in denim jeans my whole life, and neither can I wear work trousers whilst I'm not working. I don't plan on doing that whilst I'm in Lapland either, so I have bought the ugliest pair of leggings ever, they're brightly coloured and fairisle patterned and I loved them already! Definitely great for days off!

3. Books

Now, honestly, I can't carry books with me. I don't have the space and if I'm away for 2 months carrying books around just isn't practical. So a couple of days ago I had a look on my tablet to see if I could download books, and it turns out I can. I'm using Play Books, as my tablet runs on Android, and downloaded several books. I got a free copy of Les Miserables, and bought Paper Towns- John Green, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane- Neil Gaiman, as well as two Lonely Planet Guides. 

Paper Towns

4. TV Programmes 

Now, I would never condone stealing. However, I don't see why I should miss programme's I enjoy watching simply because I am out of the country. Since I'm going to be back after a couple of months I may, or may not, have found a way to watch my favourite programme's. I would point you in the direction of this article should you find yourself in the same dilemma.

5. Skype

I taught my mum about phone calls through facebook a couple of days ago, so hopefully I'll be able to teach her about Skype before I go, too. It means I'll be able to see and talk to my family, and friends, whilst I'm abroad and realise that actually they're not too far away, and I'll be home soon enough back to the miserable English winter.

What measures would you take to combat homesickness whilst travelling?


  1. Great tips! I particularly understand the need for pjs - it's way too hot to wear them on this trip, but I sure do miss snuggling up in some of my more ridiculous onesies!

    1. Thanks, yeah, I think just having something comfy, and soft will be good for me :)

  2. Homesickness was never a big issue until I travelled to South America for a whole year abroad.
    My best way against it is to discover the city and take part in typical cultural activities.
    That made me fell in love with the city that I am already worrying to go home, haha :)
    I hope your strategies are working for you :)

    1. Thanks Sandra, I hope they work too! I don't fly until tomorrow, so we will see ;)

  3. I am also currently going to be away from my dog for a whole year! Skype has been good about battling homesickness, as it is so easy to see and talk to people from home. I brought my comforter with me half way across the world, just to have something homey so far away!

    1. A whole year?! Christ! I don't know if I could leave him that long. I have plans for this summer that mean he'll be coming with me no matter how much it costs!

  4. I traveled for a year in South America, and now I do shorter month-ish getaways. The first thing I always ask is how are my kitties. I worry more about them than nearly any other thing, and when I Skype, that's really who I want to see.

    1. Wow! That is a long time, again, I think if you're travelling its one thing- my time coming home went so much quicker than my time in Lapland working, you know? My dog is an emotional little thing and was so sad about me leaving him that I know for anything longer than a month he'll have to come with me-- at least until such time as my parents are in a better position to look after him.

  5. Books are one thing I wish I would have brought more of when we moved overseas! English books are not easy to find here, I wish I'd made room to bring a little more of my collection!

    1. Yeah I've been sorting out my life, literally, recently and realised how difficult it will be to get rid of books and the such like. I think a lot will go in storage at my grandmother's house when I eventually fly the nest.


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