Traveller Tuesday with Chris & Christina of the Wandering C's

Each Tuesday from now on I'll be hosting interviews with other travel bloggers, to help you discover more blogs and even more inspiration to travel. If you want to be part of this series please contact me.

1. For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself and your blog

We are Chris and Christina, and together, we’re known as The Wandering Cs. As for our travels, over the years, we’ve been on many vacations, business trips, and holidays, but in 2010, we began RVing full-time in the United States and have been on the road (in one form or another) ever since. In the last year, we decided that we wanted to help other people get out there and travel and decided that a travel site would be a great way to do so.

As a result, and after a steep learning curve, we launched our travel site,, in September 2014. The site focuses on travel in America, traveling (that’s “travelling” for those of you in Europe) in an RV (aka caravan), maintaining wellness as you travel, and chronicling your adventures. We hope to inspire, inform, and motivate you to explore the amazing wonder that is America.

2. Are you a light packer or an overpacker, what one thing won’t you leave the house without?

Chris is a light packer. He subscribes to the belief that if you need something that badly you can buy it on the road. Christina is an overpacker who is learning (albeit slowly) to be a light packer. At first, carrying extra stuff from home was a comfort, but over the years, with more and more travel experience, all that extra stuff has become a source of stress, and she is now a much firmer believer of “only carry what you know you’ll need.”

For both of us though, we can’t leave home without some sort of camera. Our memories are the only thing we can’t replace so taking lots of photos is of the utmost importance. Everything else is just “stuff.”

3. Do you plan trips or just go with the flow?

In the beginning of full-time RVing, we (mostly Christina) would plan things out in great detail. Over the years, however, we’ve found that having a general guideline works best for us. Typically, this includes reservations for where we’ll be staying, and perhaps scheduling a few things we really want to see or do in an area. So long as we have a place to stay and know that we’ll get to our “must do” list, the rest just sort of falls in place.

In recent years we’ve also started changing our plans a lot more. It used to be that if it was on the calendar, it was set in stone. Now, it is just a safety net to know we have somewhere to stay (since some of our favorite places can book up), but we frequently change plans and make detours. We have learned to love “Wrong Turns” as they usually lead us to somewhere new and interesting.

4. Where has been your favourite place to visit to date?

That is a really difficult question as we’ve seen so many truly awesome places. However, if we had to account for everything (i.e. accommodations, food, entertainment, safety, fun, proximity to other things we want to do, etc.), then our favorite place to visit would have to be Disney World in Florida. It is kind of ironic because we normally avoid tourist traps like the plague and favor natural wonders. A big part of Disney World being a special place for us is that it is has been the place that we have shared with many friends and family members and is where we got married.

That being said, there are so many places we absolutely love (e.g. Washington D.C., Savannah, San Diego, the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, New England (in the Fall)), and would love to be able to be in multiple places at the same time. Part of the goal of our site is to get people to realize how wonderful America is (and we’re not talking politically here) and to get out there and see it!

5. Is there anywhere you don’t want to go?

Typically, we’re game for anything but safety is something that we take seriously. If an area poses a significant threat, we avoid it. Otherwise, we are open to the myriad experiences this world has to offer.

6. What is the most important item on your “Bucket List”, or if you don’t have one what one place or thing don’t you want to miss out?

When we first started traveling we had a “Bucket List” but somewhere along the way we emptied, refilled, and eventually discarded it. Having a list of things we had to do and see made us feel like failures if we didn’t get to something (and with working full-time and traveling, at first, we missed quite a few things). It is cliché, but it has become much more about the journey than the destination, focusing more on enjoying each minute no matter where we are and not stressing about where we “need” to get to in the future.

7. What is the best experience you’ve had whilst traveling?

We would have to say that the best experience would have to be the entire experience of traveling. There are tons and tons of highlights, but we’ve found that we have grown as individuals and closer to each other as a result of all our adventures (both good and bad). In our view, this is one of the greatest reasons why people should travel – it not only expands your horizons in a literal sense, it helps you to see things in a new perspective, to connect with things you didn’t even know existed, and to help you realize that you need very little in order to be truly happy.

8. What tip would you give other traveller’s?

Travel isn’t a competition and you shouldn’t compare your own travels with the travels of others. When we first though about the idea of travel blogging, it was intimidating to see all these world travellers who had been to all these countries and our blog was going to be focused on “just” America.

Don’t let the experiences of others dwarf your own. We each get something different out of traveling. Travel in a way and to places that works for you. Be open to new ideas and possibilities, but don’t feel like you have to keep up with others. Above all, have fun!

9. If you had to choose one place to live forever, where would it be and why?

LOL – if we knew the answer to that, we would be there now. Truthfully though, over the years, we’ve learned that we love traveling and experiencing things far more than any one place can offer.

Ironically, when we originally started our travel journey across the United States, our primary purpose was to find our “forever home,” but we found that being in a new place, seeing new things, meeting new people, and having new experience is actually what we’ve been looking for all along (it just took us a few years of travel to really understand that).

10. What’s next for you…

That’s a great question and one that we ask ourselves constantly. Our current plan is to make another trek across America, this time stopping in the central states we’ve circled around the last few years (and completing our “collection” of the lower 48 states – Chris still needs to visit Hawaii and Christina has not yet been to Alaska, but otherwise we would each have been to all 50 US states).

Chris and Christina can be found around the internet at:

The Wandering C's


  1. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! We really love your site!

  2. Such a cool lifestyle! And as a Disney fanatic I LOVE the fact they got married there!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! It is a really cool lifestyle and we enjoy (just about) every moment of it.

      Disney seemed like the only logical place for us to get married as we've spent more time there in the last years than just about anywhere else. It really is a place that feels like home.

    2. God I wish Disney really was a place to call home...that would be amazing. If you move there can I come visit? haha

  3. How cool to travel all around in an RV! I've never gone RVing before but I could see how it would be such a great way to travel all over the place! Probably save quite a bit of money too by not having to stay at hotels!


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