Love in Lapland, or How My Travel Style is Changing.

Female Solo Traveller.

That's how I've described myself on this blog for the past year or so. That's how I travel, by myself. I'm independent, or selfish- I like to be able to do my own thing. I'm fairly introverted, tho' I like meeting new people (just let me take time for a quiet nap, alone, for a while mmkay?). When I travel I either book through a company like Busabout, or I just go for it like I did with Spain 2013 and my Baltic Adventure earlier in the year. Or I'll go and get a job that'll change my life more than I knew when I accepted it.

Lordy, I miss this place

That's where my story starts, I guess. Back in Lapland.

Lapland was the last place I expected to meet anyone. OK, so some people might say it's gorgeous and snowy and romantic all the time, but I worked there. It was cold, you wore a minimum of 4 layers all the time. Undressing took a good 20 minutes. You worked more in a day than in some week's you had at home. And more in a week than in some months. Which led to a level of grossness you'd never match at home (no shower's for a week, legs (et. al) unshaven, eyebrows unplucked). 

Also, I wore a coat at least three sizes too big for me
Plus, I'm never That Girl that someone wants to date anyway, not to sound self- deprecating, but as I said above I'm independent and like to travel, and do things my own way. That seems to scare some, and that's fine, but it's kind of like that "Girl who Travels" thing has gone around too many times, y'know? 

Then I met him. 

I knew after a couple of conversations that I liked him, but one of the joys of living in a cold environment, is that you wear buff's all the time. So whenever I talked to him, I pulled mine up over my nose so I could hide the fact that I was blushing. Partly because I didn't think he'd be interested in me, and because I had no idea where my life was going after Lapland & wasn't sure I could commit to anything more than the few weeks I'd be there (and I'm not in the game to be a player, y'know?). After a painfully awkward exchange between my so- called best friend in Lapland and about half the guides, whilst I was present (trying to bury myself into Aoife's coat), with my now boyfriend about who he liked, we ended up together. 

But the monster's turned out to be just tree's & when the sun came up you were looking at me
yes, I am quoting Taylor Swift, what of it?
I know if he reads this he won't want me to be cheesy or soppy, but hell it's my blog. I kinda think he's perfect, and described him to my friends as "everything I didn't know I needed". More importantly he's quickly become my best friend, and I think that's important. Already, I can't imagine life without him, which is why things are changing.

He works in tourism, this was his second season working in Lapland. This summer will be his third in Cyprus. He already has a job for the summer, which he loves. So the plan is simply this, myself and my dog will follow him. I've been sorting my life out since I've been home, emptying my life of unnecessary junk and working out what I want to store. I've been selling old DVDs on eBay to make a bit of extra cash. I signed up with a temp agency to work weekend's doing bar work, I've got a "part time" job (which so far has been closer to full time), which pays nicely and most importantly, I really enjoy. I've even been using these tips to learn Cypriot Greek- I am determined to know a decent chunk by the time I get there. If only as a competitive thing with my boyfriend!

Yeah, I know, we haven't been together a long time- and I rarely get this personal on this blog. I kind of think you just know when it's right & I have that feeling about him. Maybe moving a couple of thousand miles with him is a big risk when we've spent more time apart than together so far, but I spend a chunk of my time- mainly on this blog- telling people to take risks, and just go. So that's what I am doing, and I think he is a risk worth taking. 

We've hit all sorts of snags along the way, my phone was blocked because of spending *coughs* 5hrs a day on the phone to him. My original plan to drive down to Cyprus utterly failed as the only way in counts as an illegal entrance point. Skype blocked my account because I'd spent too much calling him (if anyone knows of cheaper ways to call either Finnish or Cypriot mobiles which don't involve X minutes for £10, that'd be great). I'll be writing more about the ins and outs of getting to and from Cyprus over the next couple of months.

If we can get thru this, I know we can do anything. 

This solo traveller has just become part of a duo, or a trio if you include my dog, Tiger. 

Now, everything changes....


  1. oh, good for you, Sammi!! and i can tell you from experience that it can be totally worth it to uproot and utterly change your life after only a very short time together (i decided to do it, after knowing (now) husband for only about 36 hours.) best decision i ever made. and i still think that every single day.

    Oh, and I use Google Hangouts to call my mom in the US - i do it from the iPad to her land line and it doesn't cost a thing.

    (sorry if this is here twice...there was a glitch the first time and i'm not sure it worked...just delete the second one if there's two!)

    1. Great idea- but we (both) need WiFi for that!

  2. ooohh that's such a beautiful story! I'm so happy for you and I wish you all the best!!!

  3. Congrats Sammi!! Hey, if it's right and you both want to make it work, don't let anything stand in your way - not the distance, not the blocked phone and not what anyone else may tell you. Don't worry about not having spent much time together - as someone who met her husband in Africa and only spent 12 hours together before we each jetted back to our own countries, trust me when I say that the risk is absolutely worth taking if you know it's right in your gut.

    So happy for you! Congrats!!

  4. Aww such a great story :) Isn't it crazy how things can change so quickly and unexpectedly?! And, I agree--if it feels right, go for it! Hope you have an amazing adventure! Congrats and happy travels--it's always nice to have someone to share the memories with :)


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